As parents, the most important to prepare when having a baby is the stroller. It is a baby carriage, which completed with wheels and parents can easily push it. The stroller can make all the activity with a baby easier than does not have. For example, you want to walk around with your baby. It is the most used baby gear. To find, the stroller is not easy.  You need to consider activity level, stroller’s model, and budget.

If you go to the Baby store, you will need to know the type of stroller you must buy because there are different types of strollers. So, what you consider before you buy a stroller in the Baby shop, and why you need to have a baby stroller. Sometimes, you need to refresh without holding your baby. You want to enjoy with yourself baby by pushing the stroller.

The things consider when buying a stroller

The main question you have “which one the best stroller must choose?” Each family has a different reason why choosing the stroller. Before you buy a stroller for your baby, you need to consider those things:

  1. Cost

The stroller is one of the baby gears, which have cost expensive. A new parent will be shocked if they know how much money spend on the stroller. You need to find the stroller on a budget in the right store. There many stores selling the cheapest baby gear. One of The cheapest baby stores is Birds&Bees. This is a store that Selling baby gear you need.

You can find all types of strollers based on their function. It is possible to find a stroller that suitable for your budget.

  1. Consider the function and your need

Make sure, you need a stroller for what. It depends on your need and activity level. Perhaps, you need strollers to walk around, hang out, move the stroller to transportation, etc. Before you choose the right and best stroller for baby, think hard for this reason. The types of strollers are car seat frame, a double stroller, jogging stroller, etc.

  1. Make sure how heavy stroller and how to use it

The heavy and use a stroller are more considering. In the baby store, you have to test-drive so that you will know how easy or head to use the stroller. The weight of the stroller is more 3, 5 kg to 5 kg.

  1. Safety

A baby will need safety first. Finding the features to protect and make baby safety such as seatbelt or baker. Bake will help to operate the stroller.

  1. Stroller features

The thing you must consider before buying a stroller is key features. Considering the features of strollers are like stroller accessories, basket, telescoping handlebar, etc. The handlebar has a function to make a comfortable stroller. You have to find the stroller, which completed with rain cover, boards, toy attachments, etc.

5 Types of Baby Stroller

Despite selling clothing children, the baby store sells the models or types of baby strollers. Five types of baby stroller sell in the market or store:

  1. Travel stroller

Travel stroller is a baby gear /Peralatan Baby which had by parents. This type is commonly providing the car seat so that you can use the stroller since the baby was born and if baby sleep, you do not wake up. You only take and move the car seat. It is cheapest than you buy one by one of that stuff. If you buy separated two, you will spend a lot of money.

  1. Double stroller

The Bird&Bees have an online and offline store in several cities. You can find the double stroller for baby in this store. Besides the Children clothing store, this store is also selling cheap stroller. If you have two babies that close age or twins, a double stroller is a right choice. This type is designed to double seats.

  1. Jogging stroller

When you have a baby, you are not only preparing baby clothes. Having a jogging stroller is the most important. You can take your baby and jog with her/him. Generally, this type has three wheels in front of stroller and hand brakes. You can make it stop and operate based on you want. However, the jogging stroller is heavier than other types.

  1. Lightweight stroller

Lightweight stroller also is known as an umbrella stroller, you can choose this type if you want to have travel stroller. The design is not heavy so that you are easy to move or bring on a car or public transportation. A lightweight stroller is the most popular.

Benefits of baby stroller

When you use a stroller for baby, you will get the benefits. A stroller can make you easiest to handle your baby. There are 4 benefits why you must buy baby stroller:

  1. Convenient transportation

Baby transportation is a stroller. It is a great solution for parents. The stroller is designed to give friendly use for parents and convenient for baby. A parent does not need the skill to operate the stroller. You only read the manual book or ask people who tried it.

  1. Have storage

The capacity of storage in a stroller can carry the gear of baby such as a diaper, feeding bottle etc. the storage of stroller will help you to put the gear.

  1. Completing UV Protection

The stroller has a canopy. It has a function to keep the baby from the UV in a day. The canopy completed with the adjustable system to protect the baby’s eyes and skin so that you are not worried about it.

  1. Have safety features

Baby stroller is specifically designed for baby so that a stroller has advanced safety features. This is a reason why you should use a baby stroller.

Choosing the best and right stroller for baby

All the information gained; you are ready to start shopping in Bird&Bees (Toko Bayi). Try to find the stroller, which needs. There are many options stroller you can buy, but if not all the types including your criteria to find a stroller for the baby. Bird&Bees offers the best quality product not only baby gear but also stroller for the baby. You can buy other baby gear, clothing children, etc. if you want to check the stroller, you can visit the website before going to the offline store.