People love seafood, especially during the festive season. For anyone with a restaurant, it pays to understand where to get quality fresh seafood for your customers before the holiday season heats up. You have to understand how to purchase fresh seafood online without physically having to visit a dock. Maldivian fish exporters sell fresh seafood online to anyone anywhere in the world. Read on to discover how to purchase seafood this holiday season.

Purchasing fresh seafood

Sustainability is a very important consideration when looking for seafood. This explains why buying from Maldivian fish exporters is a good thing to do. Eating seafood from the Maldives supports sustainability with access to fresh and tasty seafood. Seafood including tuna is sourced from the sea using pole and line fishing. This is sustainable for avoiding bycatch with fish caught one by one from the Maldives Seas.

How to tell fresh seafood

Fresh seafood has seawater or cucumber smell. This is not sour, ammonia-like, or fish in any way. The fish should have clear ad slightly bulged eyes with firm unmarred flesh. On exposing the flesh of the fish, it should have no browning traces. When pressed with a finger, the fish’s body should spring back. Additionally, fresh fish has scales adhering closely to the skin with clear natural colors and markings.

Why stick to fresh Maldivian seafood

There is a lot of seafood on the market with manufacturers advertising it as fresh. However, there is no guarantee to this. Fortunately, the best fresh seafood wholesale suppliers  from the Maldives are available online. This allows ordering seafood regardless of your location and you are guaranteed to get it fresh. Buying fresh seafood eliminates the time-consuming process of unthawing especially with the hectic cooking during the festive season.

When you purchase fresh seafood from a Maldivian fish exporter online, you have access to multiple species and portions including:

  • Tuna tail
  • Pouch tuna
  • Tuna trims
  • Tuna bellies
  • Skipjack loin
  • Kama portions
  • Yellowfin tuna loin
  • Yellow-fin tuna chunks


Sticking to Maldivian seafood is a great idea to make your restaurant stand out by portraying it as devoted to sustainability. Choose the best fish exporting company from the Maldives that guarantees regular supply regardless of weather conditions and shifts in ocean temperature. The company should deliver the seafood to your doorstep with appropriate refrigeration during transit.

Purchasing frozen seafood

Frozen seafood is also full of flavor and fresh when purchased from a reputable supplier. However, you have to ensure that you find a reputable supplier known for high-quality seafood. With the advancement in technology, Maldivian fish exporting companies collect catch from fishermen and transport it in frozen trucks to the processing plant. Here, the fish is flash frozen and shipped to customers in the shortest time possible. Purchasing frozen seafood in bulk is good to ensure your restaurant has enough to last you throughout the festive season.

How to tell quality frozen seafood

The seafood should be frozen solid with a secure package free from tears, openings, or crushed edges. Frozen seafood is not positioned above the frost line or top of the freezer case. Check that the fish doesn’t have frost or ice crystals on delivery. Look for white dehydrated areas on the fish and the packaging should be moisture and vapor-proof. Quality frozen fish has very little or no odor.

Benefits of purchasing frozen seafood

During preparation, there is no need to unthaw the seafood. This allows quick preparation at any time. It is easy to stock enough frozen seafood to last you through the festive season without the fish going bad. This ensures having a ready supply for your customers. Additionally, buying frozen seafood in bulk allows less frequent orders from the supplier. For the best flavor, suppliers usually flash freeze the fish to preserve its freshness.

How to choose seafood to buy for your restaurant

When selecting seafood, it pays to understand availability from the supplier, customer demand, and season. Diners during the festive season always want something fresh to avoid exposure to food poisoning. Offering them quality tuna is an opportunity to enjoy this highly delicious and healthy meal. Ensure that the supplier always has fish available to meet your demand and maintains product quality. Fortunately, reputable fish exporters from the Maldives offer quality supplies throughout the year without any compromise in quality.

Wrapping up

With the festive season in our midst, now is the moment to prepare everything in your restaurant to ensure that you make some good money. Some people prefer dining with their families and friends during Christmas but others go out. With seafood high on the list of festive season orders, buying it wholesale from a reputable supplier is a proactive idea. You can buy it fresh or frozen online to ensure that you have enough for your customers.