How to clean carpets

The first thing to do to keep the beauty of a carpet unchanged is to remove the dust and dirt that nestles between its fibers every day. An indispensable tool in this case is the vacuum cleaner , which traditionally has been the most suitable object for effective carpet cleaning. Even the carpet cleaners guarantee an excellent result. Both are ideal for use especially if we have pets at home. Both the vacuum cleaner and the carpet cleaner ensure deep cleaning and the extraction of total dust, leaving the carpets clean and the fibers free to breathe. For a more thorough cleaning you can continue with the washing of the carpets.

How to wash carpets

How to clean carpets in the home and keep them clean and fragrant? The carpet and upholstery washing machine is the most suitable appliance for cleaning carpets and rugs. Present on the market with different characteristics to satisfy every need, this professional machine sucks and washes the carpets in depth, eliminating any residue of dirt and dust, the cause of bacteria and mites. How to wash large carpets, difficult to remove and transport? The machine is suitable for cleaning even very large carpets and dries the product spread directly on the carpet thanks to a suction tube that sucks and washes the textile surface. The use of this machine allows the carpet to be kept for a long time, reducing the risk of wear.

How to wash and sanitize carpets

If you need to wash and sanitize the rugs in your home, an excellent solution is to use professional detergents which, in addition to leaving a good smell, sanitize thoroughly. A winning detergent formula is that of active oxygen, which increases the washing performance, guarantees little foam and consequently facilitates the rinsing operation. The new surfactants can also be used safely on fine fibers, such as in the case of Persian rugs, and ensure the total absence of residues or halos, guaranteeing perfect cleaning and maximum hygiene.

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How to perfume carpets

How to remove the smell from the carpets? With the help of Professional Carpet Cleaning in West Midlands agents, it will be easy to make them perfumed and deodorant. Let’s see  how to deodorize the carpets and make sure that the scent remains in the rooms for a long time. On the market there are microcapsules that spread the perfume slowly and steadily, releasing a pleasant sensation of freshness that lasts for a long time. Alternatively, if you use the carpet cleaner you can perfume them by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the machine water.

And how to remove stains from carpets when they are dirty and give off a bad smell? In this case, the aerosol foam detergents are also excellent, ideal for spraying to remove any stain easily and quickly. For effective cleaning you can also use a concentrated active foam remover for carpets and rugs, which dissolves dirt and detaches it from the fabric, removing it completely.

How to disinfect carpets

A great way to disinfect carpets is to use a steam generator. Effective and able to guarantee maximum hygiene, the steam is indicated for cleaning carpets that give off a bad smell and where bacteria certainly proliferate. Before using a steam mop, however, be careful to always pass the vacuum cleaner, so as to remove most of the dust trapped between the carpet fibers. Then sprinkle hot water on particularly dirty or stained areas and leave for a couple of minutes. Then apply the microfiber cloth to the base of the broom (with the appliance off), fill the tank with water and let it warm up: now operate the machine and with the jet sanitize the carpet.

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How to clean long pile carpets

Dust accumulates very easily in long pile rugs that are why they need careful and regular cleaning. In this case it is essential to have a fairly powerful vacuum cleaner, which can also suck up the dust hidden in depth. Also indicated is washing with detergents that do not foam and dry quickly. In addition, the last brushing must be performed in the direction of the hair.

How to eliminate bad smell carpets

To eliminate bad smells, in addition to using steam and professional detergents, you can also choose to wash the carpets in the washing machine . But when is it possible to do it? Before moving on to the washing machine, you must always check the label on the back of the carpet. The symbol that gives the green light to washing is the tray with water, often accompanied by a number that indicates the maximum tolerated washing temperature. The most suitable materials for machine washing in any case are polyester, microfiber, chenille, cotton and cotton terry, but also some wool rugs can be treated with a gentle wash.

In any case, to always have clean carpets and not to let too much dust nest inside the fibers, it is necessary to eliminate the dust at least twice a week with the vacuum cleaner, the brush or the carpet beater. In addition, at least once a month you should sanitize them with a steam mop, so as to remove mites and bacteria. If you wash your carpets in the washing machine, be warned to roll them upside down and dry them away from the sun, in a dry place. With all these measures, the rugs will last a long time and will always be clean, fragrant and sanitized.

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