Vinyl siding is a plastic outer siding for houses or buildings. People usually used it for decorating their houses. Many people think that water pressure is the only way to clean vinyl siding. But we can also clean it without water pressure. We can also use some other way to clean vinyl siding. I.e. By Bleach or Vinegar. Now we are going to tell you how could you clean your vinyl siding using bleach or vinegar.

Tips to Clean Siding Without a Power Washer

  • Bleach Treatment: Bleach and water is the most popular alternative to water pressure. You can personally use this method and save your money. You can get all the products easily in your house or in the market. You can get all the products in the market at a cheap rate. Now we need some laundry detergent, powder house cleaner, laundry bleach, and some water. Now you have to mix one third laundry detergent and two-third powder house cleaner, one-quart laundry bleach and one-gallon water. Now we have to wait for five to ten minutes. We have to also notice that children or pets get away from our mixture. We also take some safety part for doing this. We can wear musk and cover our clothes with something. Once mixed our solution we can apply our solution in vinyl siding. After applying the treatment we have to wait five to ten minutes and washed it with water.

Generally, it takes some time to get washed but it gives you better performance than water pressure.

  • Vinegar Treatment: There is also another alternative solution to water pressure is vinegar. This solution removes all kinds of light mold and stains. Vinegar is more effective to remove light mold and stains. We can get vinegar in the market easily. This method is not so costly. This solution takes a few moments to remove dirt. If we want a batter and effective than water pressure. Now we need to arrange some items
  1. Large scrub brush
  2. Small scrub brush(if you really want to be through )
  3. White vinegar
  4. Baking soda
  5. Water
  6. Ladder
  7. Robber gloves
  8. Bucket
  9. Small plastic container, like an old butter tub.

We can easily get these things in the market. Now we have to ready a mixture. This mixture can damage your garden. So we have to care about it. Getaway children’s and pet’s from the mixture. In the mixture, we get 30% vinegar and 70% water. So now ready the mixture in a bucket and prepare for cleaning the vinyl siding. Wear the robber gloves and be prepared to clean and get the ladder. Now use the mixture in the vinyl siding and keep it for a few moments. After some time use the brush and water to clean all the things.

Final thought:

We can use the methods to clean vinyl siding. All these methods are easy and not costly. People can easily get all the necessary elements and do it. All these methods will take a bit longer time to clean but work properly and removes all the dirt. These methods are more useful than water pressure. So we recommend you to follow these methods.