Well, superficially, it is not possible to signup a Yahoo account without a phone number. However, still in case if you want to know how to create Yahoo! Account with an alternative solution, then you’ll be happy to know that Yahoo! provides an option for creating an account without a cell phone, but it isn’t via the ‘Create Account’ button. To know about it, let’s gets started:

  • Visit the Yahoo homepage to access Yahoo Sign-in page. On the sign-in page, there are few options with that you can create a yahoo account without using a phone number such as Facebook and Google.
  • If you click the ‘Facebook’ or ‘Google’ button, you can directly sign in to Yahoo! using your ‘Facebook or Google’ account. Once you sign in that way, Yahoo! creates a Yahoo mail account linked to your other account and this way you do not need to enter a cell phone number to create a Yahoo! account.

To use this method, however, you give Yahoo the right to capture all and any information that is available on your Facebook page. So, be aware!