Autotext enables users to add phrases, words and the complete paragraphs in the file without even typing it over again. It is a necessary feature of the MS Word for the ones who types a lot. For instance, if you apply the signature mostly in the documents, you can make the text shortcut. When you insert shortcuts like “sign”, then the complete word signature will be typed automatically in the file that you are working with. If you need to make auto text entries for use with Microsoft Word, then you are on the right post. Read through the blog to follow the instructions.

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How to Make Auto text in Word

You can apply the two ways to text and apply persistent phrases and words. The first way is to Autotext process, and the next one is the AutoCorrect process.

Make the Autocorrect Entries Using as the Autotext

If you want to make the AutoCorrect entries using as AutoText, then you can follow the provided steps:

  1. Click on some text that you like to reuse in the MS word file.
  2. Tap on File.
  3. Select the Options in the File section.
  4. Press the Proofing at the left of the window.
  5. Choose the button that reads AutoCorrect Options in the right of the window.
  6. You will then view 2 text boxes.
  7. The other text box that reads With includes the phrase that you have chosen in the file.
  8. On the first box that reads Replace, type the text shortcut which you may use to type text visible in With text bar.
  9. Tap on Add.
  10. Hit the OK option.

You have the AutoText option for selection. When you need to type selection, begin inserting the text that you have used to make AutoCorrect entry. Word will display the tiny box that includes complete AutoText. If you want the text to display where the cursor is positioned, click the Enter key. You may also apply a text shortcut which you have made in step 8. Insert text shortcut and tap on the spacebar to insert the stored phrase automatically.

Make the Autotext Entries to Use With MS Word

AutoCorrect entries that cannot be big then the 255 font, AutoText may insert a large block of text. For instance, you can make 2 or 3 paragraphs which you regularly use in mails as the disclaimer. As you make the AutoText using Word, you may utilize it over MS Office apps. The process to make AutoText is quite simple.

If you want to make the AutoText entries to use with MS Word, then abide by the given steps:

  1. Insert the complete text that you need to store as the AutoText.
  2. Click on the text you have inserted for the AutoText.
  3. Tap ALT+F3.
  4. Then you will receive the dialogue bar which prompts you if you need to store text as the AutoText entry.
  5. It is going to have the textbox on top that reads Name that you may type text-shortcut.
  6. Put the Gallery to the AutoText, type to General as users may view the complete AutoText entries.
  7. Hit the OK option.

It also works as the AutoCorrect. You may begin typing the text shortcut and as AutoText displays in the bubble, click the Enter key to type the text. You may also insert text shortcut and tap on the spacebar to load in AutoText. While saving as ALT+F3, ensure that you have store it template. AutoTexts are saved in the usual dot template. It is chosen by default in a drop-down section named Save in. The mentioned instructions to make and use the AutoText in Word.

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