We all have a habit of using easy and digital applications for everything, even to transfer money from one account to another. The Cash App is one of the well-known applications widely used for transfer of funds. Cashapp.com was previously known as “Square Cash”, so it’s possible that you may not have heard of its latest name. Using the Cash app, you can easily send money to any bank account without any hassle and vice versa. It is a convenient way to send money online to your friends and relatives. You can use a cash app debit card to make payments on the online website and store stores like grocery stores, superstores, malls and multiplexes. Payments made from the Cash app will deduct the amount directly from the linked bank account. If you do not want to use the application, you can disable the cash app from your mobile device anytime with the help of our mavens.


How you can delete your Cash App account?


Simply uninstalling the app from your mobile device is not enough to remove yourself from the cash app. You will have to delete the Cash App account properly by entering the application as your bank account is still linked to it. You can easily delete a cash app account by following these steps.


Logging cash app is required to deactivate the Cash App account. Download your account payment history. If you have a pending cash app payment, wait for it to settle into the account. If all payments are settled, go to the “Account and Settings” menu in the application.


Choose “Personal Information” from the available options. You will then see an “inactive” option. After clicking this option, you have to mention the reason for which you want to deactivate your Cash App account.


Click the “Continue” option. If you have enabled the 2 step verification option in your application then you will receive a code which you will need to enter after you continue for security purposes.


Then click “Confirm” to deactivate your cash app. Additionally, you can also call or chat with our technology to close the Cash App account. They will tell you the complete method of removing the cash app. Once you have successfully deactivated the account you can uninstall the application from your mobile.



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