For gamers, Discord is a popular application that most of the gamers use for making chat servers, connectivity with other gamers and to enhance the gaming experience. Discord is available on both Android & iOS devices and also free on both platforms. Several popular gamers have a huge community over Discord servers, and they usually interact with their fans and co-partners on the server. It’s a part of social media but not like other social media applications.

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There are several features available in Discord, and one of them is Downloading videos and images. Numerous people who use Discord don’t know or confused about downloading the videos from the servers. If you also don’t know how to download video, then take a look at downloading video from Discord.

Join Discord Server

Just like other social media applications, Discord is totally safe and easy to use. You just have to install the application then login and join any server you like for enjoyment. Discord is available in Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux, alongside most of the gaming community people connected to it. In the browser, you just have to browse it by login into your account. Also, you can install the application in your Smartphone device for use. To use Discord, you just have to:

  1. Download the application in your Computer or Smartphone device.
  2. If you never used Discord, then you will be required to make an account.
  3. Allow the camera and mic.

Choose or Find the Preferred Server to Join.

In the mobile device, you have to permit the camera and mic. In the computer, if you have already permitted your browser, then it will not ask again. The Discord server searching option is available where you can find numerous community server and personal Discords accounts. If you play the game a lot, then Discord is one of the best ways to connect with great and huge communities.

You can download and uploading videos both things if you are connected to a server. For downloading the video, firstly you need to “press” on video and open it. After opening, above on the right side downloading option is given that you need to tap.

How to Upload Images and Videos from Discord

Unloading can be done by anyone, but there should be restrictions open for it. In most of the servers, uploading is limited; however, you can send video and image to anyone personally. The limit of uploading is 8MB that is why sending short clips should be your first priority. You can drag upload videos and images from the drag and drop feature on your computer. Near chat box, the uploading box is given where you can select a file from your file explorer.

How to Download Videos and Images from Discord

In the PC, you have to do is Right-Click to the file and click on the downloading option. Choose the location for placing the downloading file in your preferred location. The procedure of downloading videos and photos as simple as this. Sometimes videos receive from a third-party server, so you need to open that link and download from there if downloading option available.

Is Downloading from Discord Safe?

Just like other social media, Discord is also safe and easy for downloading any video or image. People on the server usually don’t share any kind of virus or spyware, but you should know about finding it too. Do not download any unusual file that you don’t know about and also from an unknown user, because it can cause harm to your account.

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