Have you been chosen as wedding witnesses? Then surely you are already thinking about how to dress and, we are sure, also what you can give the newlyweds. If you asked yourself these questions, then discover here some ideas on how to dress for the wedding and, among various original ideas, what you can give as a wedding gift to future spouses. The role of the witness or wedding witness is very important. First of all, you will have to be the custodians of the faiths, you will have to assist the spouses throughout the day and, if you wish, you can also give a speech.

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But let’s get to the highlight: how to dress and what to give? Here are all the tips!

How to dress?

First of all, you must keep in mind that, in every single moment of the wedding, the protagonists will be the spouses and not you. So, moderation in the choice!

For men, the go-ahead for dark clothes, while for women very forbidden both white and black; attention also with red and all colors too bright. If the bridegroom agrees, the witness can also choose the same model as his suit, perhaps in a slightly different shade.

For the bridesmaid or witness of the bride, sheath dresses and long or slipped dresses are the most recommended. However, always listen to the bride’s requests, so be on the safe side without slips. The pastel tones are suitable for all under the 40s but, after this threshold, opt for a classic blue or bright gray to combine with accessories and precious details.

What to give to the newlyweds?

Witnesses and bridesmaids can decide to make a gift all together like, for example, wedding rings. Since, as we said before, the witnesses are the custodians of the wedding rings, it is the most chosen wedding gift (perhaps). Witnesses and bridesmaids are very often close friends of the spouses or even brothers/sisters, so they can decide for an even more personal and heartfelt gift.

In fact, there are witnesses who decide to opt for other gifts: the groom’s witness, for example, can give a pair of precious cufflinks that he will bring to his friend or brother on the day of the wedding, perhaps after having them engraved.

The witness of the bride or the bridesmaid, on the other hand, can give her friend or sister something that is handed down in the family, such as a bracelet, a necklace, a clasp or a Wedding Flip Flop Crate. If the bride requests it, the witness can also give the shoes she will wear on a big day, or – to remain in the tradition – something blue!

The important thing is that you always listen, however, to the requests that the spouses make to you: if they have decided to invest everything on their honeymoon as a wedding list and ask for nothing else, they also give your share to make their dream come true, they will be overjoyed!