While looking for a safe that can keep your valuable secure at home or office, you need to consider a lot of things before investing your hard-earned money. Being a top locksmith Gaithersburg, we can help identify these factors and make the right decision of buying a safe.

Is your safe big enough?
The first thing you need to consider is whether your safe is big enough to contain all your valuable items or not. Initially, these valuables may include gold, silver, and other precious metals or jewelry. However, over time you will realize that there are other things that need to be kept safe such as marriage licenses, certificates, office documents, property papers, etc. Moreover, when your family grows, there are things that you plan to pass on to your new generation. Keep everything in mind and then choose a safe that is big enough for all the present and future needs.

How Will the Safe Hold Up in the Event of a Fire
With years of experience as the leading locksmith in Olney, we have seen safes that end up damaged during the event of fire accidents. We have been unlocking these safes after the accidents to only discover all the valuables items burned and damaged. Rather than something like this, you want a safe that can hold up strong and long even when covered in flames. Everyone hopes to put the fire at a stop as soon as possible but even if you do, you would still expect the safe to hold against fire as long as possible.

Safes are classified as per their fire resistance capabilities. For instance, Class E safes can withstand a temperature of up to 1550-degree Fahrenheit for up to 30 minutes whereas a Class A safe will make sure that your valuables remain safe in 2000-degree Fahrenheit for about 4 hours. By now you may know that higher the fire-resistant grade, the more market price the safe will have. You can check from your local locksmith Bethesda Maryland to get what’s best for you.

Is it Tamper Resistant?
One of the most important factors that home or business owners often overlook while evaluating a safe is tamper resistance. If you buy an ideal tamper-resistant safe, it will ensure that your valuables never get in the wrong hands. Most of the tamper-resistant safes depend on the type of locks installed in them. Go for a heavy-duty safe with advanced locking systems installed.

Other Added Features
There are some other added features you can check for as per your preferences in your ideal safe. These include water resistance, lock style, and type, mountable or freestanding, he warranty length and type, battery-free or battery-operated, durability, affordability, and buoyancy. Do consult from the leading – Mike’s Locksmith before buying a safe to ensure an ideal safe for your needs.