Jorge Garcia weight loss program

I have a lot of questions about the Jorge Garcia weight loss program. It is a weight loss program that Jorge Garcia produces on his website. The majority of the people who come to see him for weight loss programs are disappointed with the results they got.

He claims that he has managed to lower his body fat percentage from 16% to only 4%. This is not true. Why? There are many reasons why this claim is false.

So, what has happened with Jorge Garcia?

Is he really losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time?

It is very important to see what is going on in the body in the right way. This is the best way to keep your blood pressure normal and also avoid strokes. The proper diet and the correct exercise program have worked for some people but the results with some people were much slower.

People who have a high level of fats and protein in their body will tend to gain weight faster than those who have a low level of proteins and fats. The fact is that the body will absorb these foods very quickly. When you eat these foods you will also be digesting it fast so that you will get the energy you need very quickly.

As soon as you have the energy needs you can start to store the excess calories for your next workout. If you do not do this, the stored fat will remain and this will lead to obesity.

Some other weight loss programs would also advise such low-calorie diets. However, those who follow such advice are often ill and also lose a lot of weight.

Most of these diets tend to involve fasting which leads to a reduction in metabolism and also causes a lot of negative results. If you take this kind of diet you should not start exercising immediately after fasting.

What happens to the person after a few days is that his metabolism slows down even more. Also, he will have lower physical performance.

If you want to have fast results, you will have to make a decision to be motivated and ready to take the right actions. This is the first and most important step.

Jorge Garcia should not be the right weight loss program for you. His weight-loss method has been very successful with some people. However, if you are willing to lose weight and still enjoy a fit and healthy body, then it is the right program for you.