Domestic violence, murder, rape, gang violence, white collar crimes, drunk driving—there are criminal defense attorneys in California who have seen it all and defended it all. At times, the people they defend deserve to be punished, and the attorney’s job is to keep it as fair as possible. Other times, those accused of crimes have justification for the acts they committed or never actually committed the acts they are accused of committing. Quality attorneys are able to use the facts, the law and their experience to make sure such an improperly charged person does not receive severely unwarranted punishment. This is also true with regard to drivers that are under high levels of scrutiny given the rampant levels of—and severe injuries caused by—driving under the influence. However, in such a case, you should ask and answer the question, “who are the Best Rated Dui Lawyers Near Me?” to help in situations where you are charged but were not actually in fact in violation of the law or you were, but your family, friends, business partners and others should not be made to suffer for your mistake which you will not repeat again.

Whether it be to find the “Best Rated Dui Lawyers Near Me” or advocated to defend you against other types of crimes, the top criminal attorneys in California, and especially in the Los Angeles area, possess certain important qualities you should attempt to understand before you retain him or her. Below are some of them.

First, such an attorney should have a reputation for integrity. Indeed, the best attorneys are honest with their clients and keep the defendant informed as to what is happening with the case.

Second, lawyers must have access to research in order to understand the charges, possible punishments and methods of defending the allegations against the client. There are multiple databases which lawyers and paralegals must have access to in order to assert a proper defense on an accused’s behalf.

Third, how are the attorney’s negotiation skills? In light of the fact that more than 90% of cases will end in some sort of a plea deal, is your attorney able to take a strong but reasonable position in order to obtain a reasonable punishment on your behalf?
Fourth, how is the lawyer’s demeanor? The best attorneys know when to be aggressive and loud and when to be more timid in order to provide an effective defense.

Fifth, the attorney should know how to persevere through adversity. Indeed, as there are multiple avenues a defense attorney may use, he should keep knocking on each door until success is achieved or there are no more doors to open.

Sixth, a smart attorney will have great analytical skills and will not sit back and relax. Rather, the better attorneys think “on their feet” whether it be at trial, negotiating a settlement or otherwise.

Seventh, quality defense attorneys are intelligent, not only understanding the overarching principles but also the minutia of law and procedure available to achieve the best result for the accused.

Eighth, the attorney must be an effective communicator, adept at conversing with judges, court staff, prosecutors, clients, witnesses, police, and others in order to properly defend a client.

Ninth, an attorney must have the ability to understand what “makes each person tick.” This way, he can relate to jurors, keep judges on his side and obtain information from often reluctant witnesses.

Finally, your attorney must care. Sympathy with the fears of a client and her family when facing a jail sentence, steep fines, loss of licenses, etc., is a quality that makes defense attorneys better.

Since driving while impaired driving is a major danger to others, the punishments are understandably severe, especially in California, where the laws are among the most stringent in the United States. For this reason the answer to “who are the Best Rated Dui Lawyers Near Me” is so important.

A first offense, even where there is no injury to another carries with it fines and assessments of nearly $2,000.00, 48 hours in jail, multiple months of license suspension and require completing a three-month alcohol education program.

If you are charged with committing three or more DUI offenses within 10 years, you face up to 16 months in state prison, approximately $18,000.00 in fines and assessments, and completion of a 30-month alcohol treatment program.

If there is an injury involved, the charges increase. If there is a fatality, manslaughter charges are a probability.

No matter the charge, retaining a skilled criminal defense attorney in California is imperative. Your failure to do so could result in devastating—and possibly unwarranted—punishment. This is especially true in the DUI context, too.