Just like any other motorcycle protective gear, it is important to choose the best fitting motorcycle jeans for the ultimate security and protection. Loose fitted or tight fitted jeans can cause discomfort as you ride your bike. Therefore, you need to choose the motorcycle jeans men that snug your body rather than making it hard for you to move. Choosing the best-fitted jeans is not only important for men but also women. Women’s biker apparel is must-have for female riders. Be it pants or motorcycle jackets, being a woman you need the right fit. Finding the right size motorcycle jeans men and for women may take some time. However, once you invest in the right pair, you can rest assured that you are protected against injuries even if you meet an accident.

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The reason why you need the right size in motorcycle jean’s men?

There are various reasons why you need the right size when it comes to motorcycle jeans. Some of these reasons are listed below:


The first and the most basic reason to invest in motorcycle jeans is comfort. Pants that don’t fit right keep you uncomfortable throughout your ride. Wearing tight trousers on a bike ride will be no less than a nightmare, whereas, too loose of jeans will also cause a nuisance.


The second reason might be strange for you if you are new to the concept of motorcycle protective gear. Yes! Motorcycle jeans men are not only designed to offer comfort but safety that regular pants cannot provide. If you want to avoid the sail effect, gentle yet sturdy fabric pants. The best fabric for motorcycle jeans is none other than Kevlar.

Whether it is men or women’s biker apparel, Kevlar should be your priority when it comes to fabric. you need to choose pants which are padded at all the right places. Ample knee and hip protection are important if you want to enjoy a safe ride.


Another reason is aesthetics. Let’s admit it! Nobody wants to look shabby while riding his/her bike. Whether you are a man or a woman, you would want to look perfect as you ride your bike. You can achieve your desired aesthetics

What do you need to do to get the right fit in pants?

There are four elements that you need to measure the right way if you want to get the right fit in motorcycle jeans men. These elements include:

  • The width of your waist
  • The width of your hips
  • The width of your thighs
  • The length of your legs

Once you have taken men or women’s biker apparel measurements, you need to go through the size chart for motorcycle jeans pants. Find the option that closely matches your measurements. There you have the perfect fitting motorcycle jeans.


Getting the right size is important when you are buying motorcycle jeans men. Too loose or too tight women’s bike apparel may cause you to lose your balance. And as a result, you may get into an accident. Therefore, know your measurements, read the size chart and then find the right size in motorcycle pants to choose from