Each user of the Canon inkjet printer will have the opportunity to find the B200 Error Code on the printer. The reason for the Canon inkjet printer malfunction is quite varied, but the key to its B200 error code. The Canon MX922 Error Code B200 can point to several different things, but it is essentially a problem with the print head. In addition to that, the difficulties are generally related to using the full waste ink tank, the complete waste ink pad along with another region of the print head.

For their B200 Error Code on Canon MX922, Canon technicians urge customers to regularly fix this problem. But we found some more robust workarounds that involve working together with the printer heads.

One Of Those Causes:

The printer error occurred when a newspaper was published and the ink was completely empty, in case a cartridge is completely empty.

Based on Canon, it is also due to cartridges abroad where the printer cannot cope. Cleaning and evaluating the print heads can help with the error. However, you should remember this alternative only if the printer is no longer insured, as the warranty may be voided as it could damage the print head.

Some Of Those Causes:

Another reason for the error usually occurs when using different formulations of printer ink. This error sometimes occurs if you are replacing or replacing an OEM cartridge without legitimate products and this item is normally priced cheaply having questionable toner gauge and / or build quality.

Canon MX922 Error Code B200 Troubleshooting

Method to resolve Canon MX922 Error Code B200

At this stage, we have five options to correct the B200 printer fault code. These alternatives often come from the experience of printer technology after facing the same error.

Solution 1: Hardware Technical Phase

Take a look at the repairs and the solution of this problem, we will guide you incrementally to solve this problem. Select from the five alternatives available in:

Method 1

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Dispose of the print head in the printer with caution.
  • Clean the print head along with all the ink cartridges.
  • Clean the printer’s touchpads with a touch cleaner or a fantastic pencil eraser.

Method 2:

  • Turn off the power of this printer.
  • Open the print head compartment (as if you were changing inks).
  • Wait for the print carriage to start moving to the left and allow it to go past the middle.
  • Before printing the carriage reaches your hand (but after moving halfway), close the cover.
  • He turned the printer over again.
  • Many printer users try this easy solution and the problem of these printers is solved.

Method 3:

  • Dispose of the ink cartridges. Make sure the hooks are 100% clean.
  • Turn off the printer (don’t turn it off!) By plugging in the power cord (do not use the power button).
  • Clean the electronic pins on the printer (where you put the print head). Ensure your wash 100%.
  • RE configure the print head, then load the ink cartridges.
  • Turn on the printer normally.
  • Check if the printer works normally (without errors).

Method 4:

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Open the printer cover and remove the color cartridges.
  • Eliminate the sled where the capsules were previously placed.
  • Wash the capsules with water with caution. For maximum benefits, wash it with isopropanol (there at the pharmacy) so that the print head cannot become clogged with lime.
  • Make sure the gold contacts are not wet, otherwise you could damage the print head.
  • Dry everything carefully, make sure no residual water gets into the printer.
  • Reinstall the capsules and carts in the first location.
  • Turn on the printer.

In case the “Error B200” concept appears, the printer should be turned off again. Together with the lid it must be opened before lighting. When turned on again with the other one open, the printer performs a self-test: the error should not repeat itself more often, it works, and the problem is resolved.

Method 5:

  • Push the entire print head mechanics toward the center.
  • While the printer is open, turn on the power, and then turn it on.
  • Once the print head still moves and moves exactly LEFT, close the cover.
  • Wait until it starts.

If you have tried and follow the next step in this initial stage manual along with the error that still appears on your printer, continue with the next phase below.

Solution 2: Technical stage of the software

Within this stage, you will need to obtain an online link and administrator access on a computer. For this stage, follow the step by step below:

  • Update the printer drivers in addition to the Canon IJ Printer Utility applications.
  • Right-click on the Canon MPxxx (based on your Canon code model) and click “Properties”.
  • Run a nozzle check outside the Maintenance tab after deep cleaning is done.