If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few years, you must have come across the word “freelance”. It has gained immense popularity because of numerous reasons. People get to earn some extra money other than their main job, it is important to build connections that may help business and a lot more. 

Many people start freelancing to hone their skills and expertise. But what if you already own a business? What are your chances of freelancing when you are a reliable service provider? The good thing is that you can. It is made possible by freelancing platforms like QuiGig

Here are simple steps to freelance your local business.

1. Create A Profile On Freelancing Platform

There are multiple online platforms to present your skillset and get connected to potential customers. Create an account on one of such platforms. QuiGig is a highly reputed platform that specializes in connecting local service providers to nearby customers. 

You will need to add your basic credentials such as name, email id, and contact details. Making an account is 100% free.   

2. Develop A Strong Portfolio

Recall the old days when you were establishing your business. You had to do a lot of hard work to build a presence. When you have a reliable business, building an online reputation will take less time than the old days but it can’t happen overnight. 

The key to attracting more customers is to build a strong portfolio. Add complete details of your expertise, the associations and certifications you have earned and proofs of your previous work. A customer should be able to assess your level of expertise by looking at your portfolio.

3. Focus On Marketing

Just like other aspects of marketing, online marketing is important. Include the details about your freelancing services in all the advertising campaigns. Talk to your friends and colleagues about the work you have started. Work hard on networking and you will start to see a gradual increase in your customers.

4. Understand The Ups And Downs Of Freelancing

Just like any other work, freelancing has its ups and downs. If you understand them well, you can earn money on a consistent basis. In the beginning, don’t expect orders every day. 

It may take time but it ensures an extra source of income and new contacts. Be prepared to meet the challenges of freelancing as you will have to meet deadlines for two jobs. 

5. Deliver What You Promise

Make sure to deliver what you promise to build trust. Ask for reviews and ratings. Most beginners make the mistake of enjoying too much leisure time. Freelancing requires as much as dedication as any other work but at your own pace.