Inbound links are one of the most important factors that can affect your branded site ratings. There are countless ways of acquiring backlinks, but today we will be focusing on strategies involving outreach, since the links you get from doing outreach will be the juiciest and help you gain way more traffic and brand exposure as a result.

But before we delve into it, I highly advise that you take a look at the best link building tools. You will definitely find them helpful all throughout your link building campaigns. 


There’s one thing you need to remember: regardless of the way in which you’re trying yo get backlinks, you need strong content that is worth linking to. Without it, all your outreach efforts will go to waste. If you feel that you are not able to do that, it’s better to leave that work to blogger outreach agencies like OutreachMama to help you with your online visibility and rankings. 

Before You Reach Out to Bloggers, Identify Which Links Will Provide Real Value

As you’re probably already aware, not all links will provide you with the same kind of value. To put it bluntly, links from high-traffic and high-authority websites will transfer more of that traffic to your own resource.

In a perfect world, there are three categories of websites: ones that have only recently started out online, ones that have already established a decent user base but are still within the reach of a simple email and the absolute monsters that need you to jump twice your own height to even get their attention.


Your ideal targets will be in the golden middle since links from them are actually worth something but they aren’t too far up in the sky to become virtually unreachable. 

Unlinked Mentions

This is probably the easiest backlink to snatch via outreach since you already kind of have half of it, and just need to ask for the other half. What I mean is that sometimes your brand or products get mentioned somewhere, but without a link attached. 

By setting up a Google Alert you will be able to receive notifications about such unlinked mentions in real-time. So, just write the owner of that site a polite little email asking to include a link in that mention, and there you go, you’ve built yourself a backlink.

Broken Link Building

This is a pretty straightforward concept too. What you do is scan through a site’s backlink profile to try and find dead links that used to point to content on the same topic as yours. In fact, they don’t even have to be dead at all! If your content is superior to the one already linked to, you have a pretty high chance of grabbing that link for yourself.

Ahrefs has an awesome backlink checker which can be used to reveal the backlink profile of absolutely any site out there. 

Once you find a 404 or a link to a post that you have a better replacement for, don’t hesitate to contact that site’s owner and inform them about the problem and why you think your content would be perfect for filling that gap. If you’re clear on how exactly your content is better than the one already linked to, you should be able to get that link quite easily.

And since most such links will be coming from bloggers and blogging platforms, you will enjoy a rather nice traffic boost from them too.

Reach out to Sites That Link to Your Competitors and Where They Guest Blog

Once again, the logic is quite simple: if a resource has already linked to similar content before, there is a much higher chance that that site will link to you as well. 

Alexa is another outstanding tool for all of your competitor and backlink research needs. Instantly see all of the links pointing to and from the website you’re looking at and reveal all of the potential backlink opportunities pretty much instantly.

Offer your own guest blogs to websites where your competition does the same and enjoy the SEO benefits from your newly acquired backlinks. 

In Conclusion

These were some of my advice on how to get powerful backlinks by doing blogger outreach. Keep in mind that there are countless ways of going about acquiring links and today I only focused on the most common strategies for getting links through outreach.

Thank you, and good luck with your link building campaign!