When it comes to giving dogs their daily dose of supplements, dog owners often struggle while feeding the supplement to their dog. While dog supplements come in various shapes and forms, most dog vitamins, especially dog vitamins for skin and coat, commonly come in tablet form. Giving these supplements to your dog can become a stressful task if you don’t know how to give it to your furry friend properly. With a little practice, you can give your dog the much-needed healthy supplements and vitamins to boost and maintain their health. This is why in this article, we will tell you about how you can safely give your dog its vitamins and other supplements without stressing yourself or the dog, so keep reading.

Why Should You Avoid Forcefully Giving Dog Supplements and Dog Vitamins For Healthy Coat?

The whole point of giving your dog vitamins and supplements is to improve its health and mood, not to mention increasing your pooch’s energy levels. However, all of these health benefits are lost if your dog is stressed and anxious about taking the supplements. So, when you are giving dog vitamins for healthy coat to your dog, any stress caused to your dog by forcefully giving these vitamins can be bad for your dog’s skin and hair. The fur of a stressed and scared dog can start to look unhealthy and lose its shine over time, not to mention that dog fur problems can worsen due to stress. This is why forcefully giving your dog supplements is something you should avoid as much as possible. Besides, no pet owner wants to put their dog through a stressful situation. By following proper techniques when giving your dog supplements and vitamins, you save yourself and your dog a lot of stress.

Best Ways To Give Your Dog The Vitamins And Supplement Tablets

Below are some easy and effective ways to give dog supplements to your pooch:

Disguise the supplement pills as dog food or treats: Probably the most obvious way to give your dog the daily supplements is by hiding them in your dog’s favorite foods or snacks. Best dog supplements from reputed companies such as International Veterinary Sciences do not have strong smells, so they can easily be hidden inside dog food. However, it is still a good idea to use treats with a strong and flavorful scent to mask the supplement’s smell. Dry kibble is not an ideal type of food for hiding the supplements; however, canned wet foods can be used for this purpose. Similarly, liverwurst, hot dog, and any other food that your dog really likes can be used to hide the supplement in it.

Try using pill pocket treats to hide the supplements in: Dogs are intelligent and while the food disguise might work for some time, your dog might figure out that you are hiding supplements in the food. For such dogs, you can use specially designed treats called pill pocket treats. These treats have pockets where you can put the supplement and seal it so your dog can’t see or smell the pill.

Play a game of trick or treat with your dog: If you want to be more creative with giving your dog its supplements, you can try a simple game and see if it works. You hide the pill in one of your dog’s favorite treats and throw 4 to 5 treats without the vitamins in them before throwing the one with the tablet hidden in it inside your dog’s mouth. This technique makes it difficult for the dog to guess if the treat has a pill in it or not.