It is obvious that everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day. In case you are overweight, it is advisable to get back into shape for reasons more than just fitting into your wedding outfit. As your wedding day approaches you might have to reach your weight goals within a short time frame and it is important to reach your goals safely and naturally so that the results are sustainable. Having a strategic approach towards healthy weight loss is better than jumping into a crash diet. Not only is it unhealthy but also deceiving, as it usually causes loss in body water than weight. Many people even put on more weight due to wedding-related stress. Consult a dietician to create a customized weight loss plan based on your needs and timeline.

For those who do not want to consult a dietician, we have compiled a to-do list to naturally and safely lose a few pounds before your wedding:

Keep track of your calorie intake

Create an online calorie chart to help you keep track of your daily calorie intake. Though the numbers are not exact, it keeps you accountable for what you eat, how much, and when you eat. It helps curb mindless eating and binge eating.

Cut back on alcohol and caffeine

Both alcohol and coffee can cause dehydration and increase stress and anxiety, leading to overeating. A single alcohol serving can increase daily calorie intake by 100 calories or even more. Switch to drinking more water or juices to stay hydrated healthy and improve your metabolism.

Eat fiber-rich food

Fiber helps prevent constipation, curbs hunger pangs, and is important for the absorption of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. On average, daily fiber intake must be 25 grams.

Eat good fats

While you must aim at maintaining a low fat, or no-fat diet, fats are equally important in maintaining a balanced diet. Switch to monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats and cut back on saturated and trans fats.

Exercise regularly

Exercise supports diet by ramping up your metabolism. The goal is to lose more calories than you take in and you can either join a gym or exercise at home. Combine strength training and cardio to lose weight and build muscle. If you exercise regularly, you may switch to higher intensity workouts to accelerate the weight loss process.

Do not worry be happy

Your wedding is a joyful event, but the days leading to the wedding may be stressful and tiring. If you are bogged down by tension, try mind-body therapies such as yoga, deep breathing exercise, or a day at a spa. Sleep for a good 7-8 hours a day and maintain proper hygiene.

Stress can induce overeating and mindless eating for many, so share your weight loss plan with friends and family so that they can support you and keep you away from temptations.

Commit to losing weight and look at it from the perspective of making a life change rather than a one-time goal.

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