For every vehicle owner out there, maintaining a car should always be an all-year-round practice and not just a single day in any given year. Such a gesture is highly essential, especially with changing seasons as well as road conditions. 

Therefore, to help you keep safe throughout multiple seasons, we have carefully curated the following list of tips & tricks that you can use to maintain your vehicle in the best possible manner – with the help of mechanic in Marrickville

Tips To Help You Maintain Your Vehicle During Changing Seasons

  • Changing Your Tires

It should be realised that a crucial component of maintaining your vehicle across multiple seasons involves changing your car tire. You should have stocks of both summer & winter tires inside your garage, and therefore change as seasons do. This will help you stay safe while driving smoothly on the roads.

The main reason to perform the above task is that – summer season vehicle tires don’t cope well in the winters and vice versa. This is because, in the summer, tires require less friction to move on roads because of the heat, while in the winters, cars require greater friction to drive on roads – mainly because of snow. 

  • Changing Your Car & Engine Oil

There’s no doubt that summer & spring seasons are the primary time when there will be a build-up of dust, debris and grime inside your car. Moreover, during the warm seasons, dusty roads and the risk of insect invasion should also be counted. 

Part of the reason why – when the winter season plans to arrive – you’ll need to change your engine & car oil so that all the debris gets removed from the automotive system.

Besides, you must also learn that car oil also gets evaporated over time, mainly during the summer months, due to excessive heat. As a rule of thumb, changing your car & engine oil every six months or 10,000 miles (whichever comes earlier) should be the bare minimum. 

  • Inspection Of Brakes

Your brakes form one of the most crucial elements of your vehicle. If your car doesn’t have enough stopping power on the road, then you can very easily lead to dangerous accidents. This is why it’s also critical to get your vehicle brakes inspected before any seasonal changes occur. 

Your trusty mechanic will check your brake callipers, drums, rotors, brake pads and the like – to finally ensure that your car’s braking system is in an excellent overall condition. You should never undervalue the power of a perfect braking system because it’s the only barrier that you may face between life & death. Furthermore, if any replacements are needed, get them done as soon as possible.