Global crisis are dangerous. They can shut down the world’s economy, take your space to grow and introduce you to a new world like the current pandemic is doing. But thanks to the online world, we can still pave our ways through it. If you are active online you can still make money and give your customers something worth following.

Here are 10 ways to make money online despite the crisis.

 1. Freelancing

There are agencies, small businesses and social media companies who are always looking for designers, writers, marketers, advertisers and app developers to work on their short-term project. By registering your profile on freelancing sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal,, you can start working online to make money. Mention your work experience skills and how you can help the employers with their businesses. It will help them in their decision making.

2. Online Education

The educational institutes have been shut down and the commute has also been banned so there’s less travel outside and people are opting for online education. So, you can also start your Youtube channel, Instagram account or Facebook live feature to start giving online education to your target audience. Choose the niche in which you’re an expert and potent enough to lead the people, it will keep your business going amidst the crisis.

3. Blogging

If you already have a blog, it’s the best time to put in more efforts into your blog and make it more successful. Give your best to rush traffic on your blog and when your blog becomes successful, you can make money through advertisements, sponsored posts and even affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the way of selling others products through your blog and making money with every sale you make.

4. Virtual Reality

If you’re living in a state which grabs tourist attention, you can also invite people to visit your country virtually. If you know about virtual reality, you can also become a professor by teaching students or blogging about it.

5. Give SEO Services

Every website needs helpful SEO services to boost their traffic and earn credibility on the search engines. If you’re an SEO specialist you can avail this time by giving SEO services to the people. Even small and mid-size businesses look for SEO specialists to boost their search engine ranking.

6. Invest on Real Estate

The only good thing about the global crisis is that it downscale the properties value giving you the chance to invest in it. If you have money, consult a real estate agent, study the market trends and invest on properties that will be beneficial for you in the future. When the crisis ends, you’ll be able to resale your property and maximize your earning through it. 

7. Write an Ebook

If you’re an expert on any topic or have something that’s worth sharing, you can also start writing a book. When you’re done you can self-publish it through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. If people will find value in your book, you will keep earning the money months and years later. Note that, you don’t need to write a thousand pages, detailed ebook, you can keep it short as long as the words are creating an impact.

8. Sell Photos

While travelling, eating, networking and hanging out with your friends, you must have captured some heart-winning photos in your mobile. In the second case, if you love photography then you must have the sunrise and sunset photos with you. The good news is that you can earn money by selling these photos online. You only need to register and upload your photos and you’ll know how to make money online

9. Career Counseling

There are a lot of people who have difficulties in choosing the right path of their career or making a professional resume to land for the perfect job. You can make your free time productive by helping these students grow their career and can also earn money through it. 

10. Virtual Assistant

You can make someone’s day by becoming a virtual assistant. The job roles can include posting on behalf of them, scheduling meetings, researching the information and collaborating with the business people. So, you can also consider this as a money-making profession online.