The young generation of the twenty-first century is quite brand conscious. Almost fifty percent population in the United Arab Emirates falls under the category of young population. In other words, they are the prime target of a vast variety of business organizations. This prompts the business organizations to focus on their branding and brand activation to win more customers.

The brand activation events are quite popular in competitive markets like that of the United Arab Emirates. However, ensuring their success is not easier for the organizers. The target audience has attended too many such events that their expectation is now quite high.

This article intends to guide you about how to make your brand activation event stand out.

Top 8 Tips to Organize a Memorable Branding Event

The success and acceptability of a new product or service launched by any brand or business are significantly dependent on its brand activation event. It is not just an event to inaugurate the supply of product or service, but awareness and motivation camping to attract more and more users or customers.

Here are the top tips that can help you in organizing a memorable branding event.

1. Select a Suitable Theme

The first tip for making your brand activation event successful and memorable is to select a suitable theme for it. The theme should portray the image and message of your brand. Most business organizations face difficulty in coming up with attractive themes and undermine their progress. On the other hand, some business organizations acquire the help of an experiential event agency in Dubai and arrange the perfect theme for their branding event.

2. Choose the Venue Wisely

The venue is the greatest highlight of the brand activation events. Although the event organizers invite specific guests, a huge number of attendees are the ones present at the event venue. For example, if the event is for the launch of a fragrance, the venue should be the popular store locations in order to attract more and more attendees.

3. Share Paper Invitations

Invitations are one of the most important elements through which you can promote your message and build the expectations of attendees. Be sure to add a creative and personalized touch to it to make it more appealing for your guest. You can also share the hand-printed paper invitation with your limited list of guests to make them feel more special.

4. Invite Local Influencers

One of the most helpful tips for making your brand activation event more successful is to invite the local influencers to it. The influencers have great fandom and following in this tech-savvy era. Use their social media accounts to share the details of your event and expect more and more attendees at your event.

5. Include a VIP Service

To give a classy touch to your brand activation event, you can include a VIP service in it. Most of the brand activation events do not include seating arrangements. However, you can include it to facilitate people of the old age group. Utilize your VIP service to help the guests with parking, seating, refreshment, and overviewing the new launch of your business or service.

6. Pay Attention to Decorations

Although greater attention of the audience will be on your new product or service in brand activation event, you still need to pay attention to your decorations. You can align your decorations with your brand image, message, and colors. Be sure that it supports the theme of your event as well. Make proper arrangements for the entrance, stage, and central guest areas.

7. Make the Most of Technology

Without technology, any event feels like a happening of old times. You must incorporate the advancement of the era in your events to show your progressive approach to the event attendees. You can make the most of the latest technology to showcase your product or service, deliver the samples to attendees, as well as the brief detail of its concept and development.

8. Share Custom Gift Items

Nothing can be more memorable than free gifts at any event or gathering. Provide this valuable memory to your event attendees by sharing custom gift items at the end of the event. Put some thought into their preparation. You can always hire the service of an experiential event agency in Dubai to prepare surprise gifts even at the last moment and close your event with a bang.

Pay attention to every step of the brand activation event!

The key to a successful event organization is to pay detailed attention to each and every aspect from the planning to the execution phase. It requires your time and undivided attention. However, if you are too busy to provide undivided attention, you must not risk the success of your event. It is much better to get in touch with the experts of the field and ensure professional arrangements, which leave the attendees awestruck.