Cardboard boxes start collecting in the house in no time and occupy space. People usually get rid of these boxes by tearing off and sending them to the recycling center. You can use this packaging in some fun and exciting ways. Plain cardboard can be like a canvas for creative people. It can be utilized in several ways, like creating a cat house, frames, drawing boards for kids, etc. This article is going to describe you exciting ideas that will not only make the cardboard boxes useful for you; rather, it will be fun to work on them. Let us have a look at some top exciting ideas. Making Greeting cards, cardboard boxes can be cut into different sizes to make greeting cards. You can make attractive greeting cards with these custom cardboard boxes. You can wrap the cardboard with colored sheets and write heart touching greetings to wish your friends on Christmas, birthdays, or any other celebrations.  

●  Create Gift boxes

After purchasing a unique and beautiful gift for your loved one, sometimes it becomes difficult to buy the gift box due to a low budget. You can prepare your cardboard box packaging at low prices. Cut and join the pieces of the cardboard to make the gift box according to the size of the gift. Wrap it with an attractive sheet. To make the gift box attractive, you can use beads, ribbons, or shiner. Window packaging boxes seem more attractive as a gift is visible from outside.  

●   Turn into Storage boxes 

You can utilize custom cardboard boxes to make storage boxes at home. In these boxes, you can store clothes, children, toys, cosmetics, books, extra home accessories, and many other things. Besides, you can make beautiful storage boxes to display in the room. Cut and craft the custom cardboard box packaging into a rectangular shape or square shape. Join the box into the desired configuration from three sides and keep the one side open. Later on, attach a handle of cardboard just like a basket. You can place these cardboard baskets as a display item as well as place children’s books or fun things in it.  

●       Make File boxes

Cardboard boxes can be utilized as file boxes. Cut the cardboard according to the size of your office files. Wrap the cardboard box file with a wrapping sheet. Place this file holder in your book rack or office racks.

●       Think about Wall art

Furthermore, there are endless ideas of decoration through cardboard packaging boxes. You can create beautiful wall art through these custom cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes can be cut into various styles, and later on, those pieces can be decorated with mirrors, laces, ribbons, attractive wrapping sheets, and fabrics.  

●       Some artwork- Photo frames

People often purchase expensive photo frames to display their memories in the room. Cardboard packaging can provide you cheap photo frames. Cut the cardboard in the framing style and complete the designing of the structure by wrapping it with an attractive piece of fabric. You can utilize these cardboard frames to gift your fellows and friends.  

●       Fun for kids

Children can create beautiful art and craft to play. You can assist the children in making models of cities and villages. Children can make puzzle mazes as well. School going kids can create models of different projects by using custom cardboard packaging boxes. Creating novel items by using cardboard boxes will always cause fun and entertainment for the kids.

●       Children learning items

You can cut the cardboard in different shapes and color them. Let your children learn ways names. Besides, you can cut vegetables and fruits by cutting these custom cardboard boxes. Similarly, make fun items that you want your kids to learn. You can create unique and charming details for your kids to make their fun time learning time.

●       Drawer

Cardboards are useful for storing many items. But by changing the large storage cardboard boxes into drawers, you can make it more comfortable and organized. Make the compartments in the drawer by using a cardboard piece. You can utilize these dividing drawers to keep the clothing accessories separate.  

●       Pet house

Children can make a beautiful pet house for a loving pet. Like if you have a cat and dog as a pet animal, take large size cardboards and arrange them like a pet house. Check out the cat house or dog house videos on the internet and make one easily at home. 

All the above-mentioned ideas require a few items to create these new things. This custom cardboard box packaging is easy to convert to various attractive items. So, from now onward, do not throw the card boxes.