Pillow Boxes are one of the most versatile boxes that are manufactured using top of the class materials. These boxes are manufactured using single construction of Kraft paper. Due to being manufactured by Kraft, these are the most durable and long-lasting in nature. These boxes have the ability to bear the stresses that a package goes through while on transit. These can be manufactured in different sizes and can encase a wide range of products. The most common use of this type of packaging is that it can be used as a gift packaging because it is elegant in its looks. As the holiday season of 2020 is approaching near so like everyone else, you too must be looking for the perfect packaging to carry your gifts. Custom Pillow Boxes are an ideal way to make your loved ones feel special. These are very easy to make at your own home; if you are looking for guidance for how you can make these majestic Gift Boxes easily by following a simple set of steps.

Choose the Template

The first thing to do when you have decided to make these Gift Packaging Boxes is that you need to find a good template for yourself. The best strategy for selecting a good template is that you need to measure the dimensions of the product that you are going to package inside this gift box. After measuring the dimension of the product, then you can go online and select the templates keeping in mind the dimensions. Now comes the important part, if you are looking for a special theme that should be displayed on your packaging, then you can find tons of designs online for this purpose as the holiday season is coming closer, so you can find hundreds of pillow packaging templates related to the spirit of Christmas all over the internet. So choose wisely.

Print the Template

After choosing the perfect template for your packaging, now comes the second step. You have to be careful while choosing how you want to print your template. If you have opted for a special theme that has punchy colors with contrast, then you have to think about what type of printing service you would want for your package. The most common color options for printing are CMYK and RGB. It would make your Custom Printed Pillow Boxes look so much better if you have opted for the right printed service. There are tons of printing and packaging services in the US that produce Custom Pillow Boxes Wholesale on these special occasions, have quality printing machines, so pay a visit to them and get your templates printed.

Put the Scissors to Use

After you have chosen and printed the template, then comes the part which requires craftiness. Normally the solid lines indicate that the portion is to be cut, while the dotted lines indicate creasing. Carefully use the scissors to cut the required parts with neatness because this is how you ensure that the edges of your Custom Pillow Packaging look clean and sharp. One pro tip here is that you need to make sure that you protect the table you are working on because if you are using a craft knife, then it is likely that if you are not careful, you will end up damaging your table or the table’s cloth.

Crease the Dotted Lines

Right on the template, there would be some dotted lines that indicate that these need to be creased. You would find these lines most likely on the four edges and a straight fold line in the center of the template. You can use an empty ballpoint pen or a craft knife to make an indent on the surface of the sheet. Keep in mind that you do not have to cut it. It just needs to be creased. So be careful while using the craft knife.

Wrap it up with Attractive Paper

If you already printed a template that does not seem to fit the requirement of displaying the theme of the holidays, then worry not as this might be the tip you need the most. You can use inexpensive gift wrapping papers to add more elegance to these perfect Gift Packaging Boxes. You can find these from any gift shop. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns. Normally as the theme of Christmas is regarding the Green and Red colors, so you can either opt for these two colors, or you can go with Christmas or New Year’s themed wrapping papers.

To wrap your package into this paper, you have to cut a rectangular piece of paper that is larger than the box template. Apply some glue to it and place the template on the sheet. After that, fold the edges over and trim the excessive ends. Strong adhesives must be used when you are pasting the lamination sheet to materials like the cardstock or Kraft.

Glue it Up

After wrapping the box template with beautiful paper, now comes the easy part. Glue all the right pieces together, and you are good to go! The first step is to fold the box in half, and then you have to glue the tab to the opposite end. It is important to ensure that the glue tab is inside the box boundary, then let the glue set in and take hold of the package before moving to the next step.

Shape the Box

After all that you have done so far, you might be seeing the results of it. The last step is fairly easy but is very important to the overall appearance of the package. All you have to do is to gently pinch the two edges of the box that would cause the top and bottom part of the box to bow out. Then you have to push both flaps in each respective end of the box. You can use your fingers for, forming the perfect crease on the curved folded edges of the box. And this is it! You are done with your elegant looking Custom Boxes, and it hardly took you an hour to make these.

Making your own Pillow Boxes can seem like a daunting task at first thought. But if you know the simple set of steps it takes to make one yourself, right from the comfort of your home, then you would be willing to make hundreds of these beautiful gift packaging’s. Follow the steps above and start crafting right away for the holiday season.