With the onset of 2020, now is the time to plan how to make your food establishment match customer trends and get an edge in the market. The past year saw immense growth and innovation that there is high potential to see this skyrocketing. With customers now relying more on sustainability and technology, here are ways to make your restaurant match customer demand.

Here are ways to achieve this

Biodegradable products

Manufacturers of restaurant products are always looking for ways to make their products disposable and environmentally sustainable. There is a growing shift from the use of of100 percent plastic to disposable options. Restaurant owners should invest in innovative products including those made from biodegradable materials. These easily decompose when on landfills to become part of the soil and limit eyesore.

Some of the biodegradable products to purchase for your restaurant include:

  • Bio cutlery

  • Bio napkins

  • Bio boards

  • Bioplastic bags

  • Hot and cold cups

  • Bio food packaging

Zero food waste

Climate change is taking a toll on the environment. This is now a significant selling point for restaurant owners to appeal to customers. To benefit from this, your restaurant can make an effort to help customers avoid wasting food. This is through offering packaging that keeps food safe much longer. Coffee cups with lids allow a customer to drink their beverage whenever they need. The lid keeps the coffee safe for consumption later by protecting it from spilling and temperature variation.

Additionally, offering to take away customers’ food in plastic containers keeps it safe. Ensure to include these in various options when purchasing restaurant supplies online. These containers come in various shapes and sizes to match customer orders. The customer can keep their food safe in the freezer or oven to consume later. This is a great idea to eliminate food waste to encourage sustainability.

Plant-based materials

The demand for plant-based products is growing. Smart restaurant owners have to make an effort to keep up with the trend. Apart from expecting healthy and organic food choices on the menu, customers mind much about the products they use while in your establishment. To meet their expectations, invest in plant-based materials including paper straws and bamboo cutlery. You should back this up by offering plant-based proteins and nondairy milk options to vegan customers.

Eco-Friendly take away packaging

There is a growing awareness for everyone to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. As a restaurant owner, you can play your part in lessening carbon footprint through investing in eco-friendly takeout containers. Apart from making your business go green, these containers are 100 percent biodegradable, healthier, and safer for customers. These will never hesitate to return to your restaurant or to recommend it to friends and family.

Delivery service

With people becoming busier, businesses that offer convenience are more appealing. To grow your sales this year, opt to make deliveries to customers. This might require having a delivery team or outsourcing a third party delivery company to take orders to customers. Apart from appealing to customers with limited time on their hands, delivery service saves your business money for investing in more seating space.

Additionally, ensure to offer delivery services even to nonresidential addresses. Consider delivering food to customers regardless of where they are at the moment. With the advancement in technology, it is easier to track the customers’’ location using GPS. This is very helpful for individual customers and those in groups at work or at a party. Customers will enjoy this convenience to become loyal to your brand and you will enjoy more sales.

Online orders

To back up your food delivery service, having an online ordering platform for food in your restaurant is necessary. This requires having a website or an app that customers can use to order food from your establishment. This enhances convenience while saving customers a significant amount of time. Additionally, this will give your restaurant an edge over competitors. The online platforms for placing orders should be user-friendly and easy to use even for people without technical knowledge.

Fast delivery

To sum up the convenience customers expect when ordering food today is fast delivery. So, after placing their order, you need an efficient delivery team to expedite customer orders. Equally important is offering quality and delicious food without compromising fast delivery. You need to ensure that all orders are dispatched immediately. Keeping customers waiting for hours for their orders is a bad experience. Having a systematic management system allows having everything in order to ensure that there are no hiccups that might compromise the customers’ experience.

In conclusion

Just like other businesses, the foodservice industry is always changing. Restaurant owners have a huge task of keeping up with trends to match customer needs. Customers today demand convenience and sustainability. You can achieve this through the use of plant-based products and disposable items that are environmentally friendly. Equally important is offering delivery service regardless of customers’ location and an online ordering system.