Move a Refrigerator Safely During Relocating

It is quite obvious that kitchen turns out to be your most difficult corner to be managed while moving. In case you are struggling about finding the perfect method to move your refrigerator, we are here to help you. Refrigerators are big in size and are very bulky and they are also expensive, therefor to move them we have to be very careful. Following are the steps to follow for safe transportation of your refrigerator:

Make Sure to Have Proper Supplies

There are few important things that are necessary to have when you are shifting your refrigerator, these are packing tape, moving blanket, moving straps and appliance dolly etc. You also need a hand of help because the size of refrigerator is large and you can’t move it at your own.

Measure the Doorways

It is very difficult to move your refrigerator from kitchen to the moving truck without having any hurdles in its way. Figure out the entire pathway through which your fridge is going to move. Measure the length of your refrigerator and gateways comparatively and make adjustments according to the requirements. If there are many hurdles in its way then try to find an alternate route.

Clean and Defrost Your Refrigerator Before Move

You can’t directly unplug your fridge and go unlike other kitchen appliances. You need to unplug your refrigerator and defrost it 24 hours before moving. Clean it properly a day before moving, if there are many food product available in it then try to donate them. After completing the cleaning process you need to defrost it.

Pack Your Refrigerator Properly

The most important aspect to protect your refrigerator during the process of transportation is to pack it carefully. If you avoid it, this can lead to the damage of your refrigerator. First of all disconnect the chord and roll it, then tape it back to the fridge. Also use the packing tape to close the door of it properly. After completing these steps wrap the moving blankets around refrigerator, to fix it use moving straps.

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How to Move the Refrigerator Up or Down Stairs

The key to move your refrigerator safely on stairs is to move it slowly and follow the proven practices. Keep the fridge on the dolly and make sure that no one is in front of it, make one person hold the dolly from back side. Make sure that the fridge is tilted 45˚ backwards towards the holding person along with the dolly. After this slowly move on the stairs taking one step at a time, make one person go on the front leading your path. Going slow and steady is the key to win this task.

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