There are a lot of people who love to travel with Indian Railways and traveling by train is very much convenient because there are a lot of options there when one wants to travel from one place to another. Also for Indian middle class people a train journey can be quite affordable. There are almost 19 thousand trains traveling everyday joining different parts of the country under Indian Railways.

Also if one wants to travel through trains it has become very easier for them to book the tickets these days. One can book their berths now via online because one can book them through the website called IRCTC. Hence one does not have to stand in a long queue for hours to book their tickets. When they are boarding a train then they can also pack their foods from the Railway Restaurants for their journeys as they serve delicious options.

  • There are some trains which have pantry car systems in them. The passengers of these trains can always order their food from those pantry cars and they can also get the choice of the food they want to eat.
  • If they do not want to do that, then they can also order their food from IRCTC which is the official website of Indian Railways. They have introduced an e catering service and one can log in to the IRCTC and enter their PNR number (which is of 10 digits) that is written on the top left corner of their train ticket. After that, one has to enter the name of the station where they want to get their food delivered and then the food menu options in that particular station will automatically show. One can enter their food choices and the vendor name and then they have to make the payment by selecting any more of payment which is provided there.
  • When the order gets confirmed, then the passenger can surely get the food delivered right at their berth on their traveling date and at their preferred station. Once the order is confirmed the passenger will also receive a message about the details of that order. There will also be an OTP provided to them which will be sent by the service provider.
  • Apart from this, one can also book a meal by making a phone call. If they do this, then the food will be delivered to the seat by the vendor in the given preferred station. One has to remember that they need to place the order at least an hour before they want their meal.
  • If one wants to book a meal by just sending a message that is also possible. One can also send an SMS to the number provided by the railways caterers and the food also gets delivered to the preferred station.

If one wants they can also cancel their food order. But they have to do that at least 2 hours before the food is supposed to be delivered to the seat.