Relocation is a very hectic and daunting task that you will come across. No matter if you choose to move or hire professional packers and movers in Mumbai to help you stay stress-free throughout.

However, it is not easy to move, and you are left with the option to get professional help during this tough time.

It’s even more anxious to move during this period because you will have to keep checking up on your health and safety.

So, its better that you keep some points in your mind while you’re going to relocate:

1. Ask your selected shifting company about their COVID-19 protocol

Prior signing-up the contract with packers and movers in hyderabad, make sure to ask questions about the management of their services in light of COVID-19.

You need to ask them if they will come with masks on. You will need to arrange hand sanitizer, or are they planning to bring? Did any of the movers have COVID-19 synonyms?

You need to also know about if they are serving with no-contact shifting services because there are many of the moving companies offering this.

2. Wash or sanitize your hands time to time

Despite the fact that you are going to be shifted, it’s even obvious that you are going to be in close contact with other people as well. However, it would help if you kept hand clean through sanitizing them.

By this way, there’s a less of exposure, and you will not expose virus by touching your nose, mouth, or eyes with dirty hands.

As directed by government and higher authorities make sure you wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds throughout the day.

A bottle of hand sanitizer which contains 60% of alcohol for the time when you are packing and loading.

3. Say no to paper work

There’s a too much of paperwork in shifting, if you or your relatives have gone through relocation then you would understand this point. Though it doesn’t matter if it’s pandemic time, you are hiring packers and movers which will involve dealing papers and other paper.

You can ask your moving company to complete all the formalities virtually since this is going to avoid revolving paper and pens from hand to hand.

4. Pack everything on your own

When you are going to shift, it’s a great idea that any other person is going to pack up your belonging. However, to avoid exposure to the deadly virus, experts suggest packing and unpacking your stuff yourself.

You need to take care of your belongings because every time there’s a chance they are a carrier of the virus. On top of this, when packers and movers in Pune are doing everything, it means you are getting more of exposure.

5. Sanitize your new house

You don’t know who was living in your new house before you came in and even important if they were COVID-19 infected.

It’s an excellent choice to assume that someone might have been COVID-19 infected. In this case, you should disinfect your house with soap or sanitizer.

Make sure to take out some time and spend it to sanitize the part of your house, which is positively touched or engaged, like a doorknob, light switches, locks, oven knob, refrigerator and other areas.

The items that were not packed and handled by packers and movers in Pune should also be disinfected.

6. Avoid too many people gathering in your house

It wasn’t a problem to invite as many people to your house as possible. But in this tough time, you need to limit up your expectations. Since it’s really important for us to follow social distancing and remain six feet away from each other, you can avoid a significant exposure by this.

All in all, experts suggest that move out only if it’s very important or needed otherwise stay at home to avoid this deadly virus. You never know how and where it catches you and risks your life up.

To make your move go smooth and easy, make sure you hire verified packers and movers in bangalore so that you can be assured of your health and hygiene.