Mostly we are not being able to see the dirt and rust on the exterior of our home. This accumulation of dirt reflects your cleaning and maintenance abilities. But it does not mean to ignore your house dirtiness and spoil your beautiful house by lack of your care and responsibility. Before using a pressure cleaner, first of all, you have to get some know-how about pressure cleaning near me which reduces the chance of unnecessary damage. Following are some tips for finding and using a pressure washer:

  • How to Pressure Clean?
  • Electric or Gas Pressure
  • Cleaning of a concrete
  • Siding Cleaning
  • Wood Cleaning
  • Which is the best size of a pressure cleaner?
  • Which nozzle is best for pressure clean?

How to Use a Pressure Washer?

A pressure clean can be a difficult or messy work if it does not do correctly. Beginners require some knowledge about how to use it. Eye protection and hearing protection will be necessary while doing the pressure washing job. The pressure cleaner has high pressure of water which has the possibility that the water will spray back towards you. Your grip should be strong with both hands so that it never slips. The spray tip should be 17-18 inches far away from the surface which minimizes the risk of damage.

Electric or Gas Pressure?

A pump is used to increase the pressure of water flowing through the nozzle. They have benefits and drawbacks also because they work on gasoline and electricity.

Electric Pressure Washer

Electric Engine is the most reliable. You don’t need to worry about the oil changing process and other maintenance jobs. On the other hand, a power outlet is required because electric water cleaner is not portable like gasoline versions. There are no harmful emissions of an electric pressure cleaner. But electric washer pressure is not favorable for large surfaces. It takes a lot of time to clean a large dirty area.

Gas Pressure Washer

A gas pressure cleaner is so easy to use. Even if you are not near the outlet the gas pressure will be work very easily without harm. But Daily base maintenance is required like changing the oil regularly in your gas pressure. It is necessary to use a gas pressure cleaner for a long period of time. Gasoline engines are louder than electric engines and produce harmful emissions. Their use in indoors or covered areas is more dangerous.

Cleaning of a Concrete

Stains and dirt areas on concrete are easy to identify. For a good washing of concrete following are some supplies which you need:

  • Specially formulated solution for cleaning of a concrete
  • Special gloves and goggles during cleaning
  • Sealer of concreate
  • 15-degree spray of yellow-tipped nozzle
  • Pressure washer of high GM

Siding Cleaning

Siding cleaning is for dully surfaces over the years. Firstly, apply the soap to the pressure cleaner for cleaning the siding. If your home has some dirty areas, you need to brush them and loosen them with dirt. Green or white tapped nozzle is best for siding cleaning. Both of them combine to produce a stronger and high-pressure stream of water.

Wood Cleaning

Wood life will be enhanced by pressure cleaning. Mostly gas-powered washer pressure is used for this purpose due to saving of time. A 25-degree spray of a green-tipped nozzle will be mostly used. Wood sealer is also used during wood cleaning.

Which is the Best size of pressure washer?

Whatever you select a gas pressure cleaner or electric pressure cleaner, firstly you will decide the size of the engine. The size of the engine determines the power of the unit.

There are 4 types of pressure cleaner engines:

  • Heavy duty
  • Extra-heavy or professional duty
  • Light Duty
  • Medium Duty

Which Nozzle is best for pressure clean?

The full power of machines depends upon the size of the pressure cleaner engine. The angle of stream determines the nozzle you select. Rotatory Nozzles are also used for cleaning purposes. Following are given some types of Nozzles:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • White
  • Black