Hope, you have already purchased the latest model of 4K TV. So, you are now searching for the perfect HDMI cable so that you can take total advantage of the situation. Thankfully, the quality of buy HDMI Cable is so good that you don’t need to buy fancy expensive cables. You will get all the features like ultra HD 4K resolution, high dynamic range, and wide color gamut. You maybe get confused by the salesperson who will describe you many products with lots of features. Many people don’t have even an idea which feature is good for that particular model. As a result, they end up purchasing a wrong model of cable that will not provide the best result for the high-end 4K TV.

So, you should not rely upon the misinformed source that can ruin your investment as well as a viewing experience. Before checking out the buying guide, let’s take a look at the HDMI cable first.

What is the HDMI Cable?

The High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI cable is able to connect the television screen or AV receivers with video source components like gaming console, set-top box, or any other streaming devices. The earlier version of the cable does not have the capability to transmit 4K video signal or HRD data. So, if you buy a cable that is not compatible with you 4K TV, then the 4K HDR content will not come to your TV screen. The labeling of HDMI cable is quite confusing for general people. That’s why it is very important to know the exact specification of the cable and the TV as well.

How to select the suitable HDMI Cable for 4K TV?

As we told before, the HDMI labeling is quite confusing and many manufacturers are taking the advantage to sell overpriced cable. However, it is really positive news for the buyers that most of the HDMI Cables are capable of carrying the 4K HDR video signal but the right cable will give you the vibrant and rich display of colors that is almost close to the range of human eyes. If you connect your TV with 8K HDMI Cable you can see the visible difference which is actually very pleasing. 

Which HDMI cable will be the perfect choice for 4K TV?   


The cables that are certified as High Speed can be performed just like the 2.0 a and b standards. Though all the High-Speed HDMI cables are labeled to transmit 4K at 60fps with HDR, it does not mean that all cables can transmit HDR data. The wear out Toslink cables most likely to develop flaws 

Another important point is that not all HDMI cables are manufactured maintaining the high standard. They are far behind the certified version of the cable. For that reason, those cables are not capable to transmit 4K resolution at 60Hz. It is because the cable that was tested and certified many not be the same cables that are available for purchasing. That’s why; always buy HDMI cables from reputed manufacturers who always maintain a certain standard.