As the capital of Victoria Territory in the Land Down Under, Melbourne is highly regarded for its unique laneway culture. It has an idyllic vibe because the Yarra River meanders through the town. Because of these factors, Melbourne takes the number 2 spot of being the most densely populated city in Australia. Lots of people have settled down here because of its unique biodiversity and charm. You’ll see banksias, bottlebrushes, gum trees, spider flowers, and more.


These unique flowers can only be found in Oz. As such, you can go to any Melbourne florist to mix and match these pretty blooms to impress your girl. Sometimes, you may be all choked up, and the words just don’t want to flow. In this instance, you can say your feelings with flowers. Don’t underestimate these pretty things because they have the power to make your dream girl smile. Receiving a bouquet will add spice to an ordinary day. If you are having a hard time selecting your floral arrangement, consider these tips and tricks to help you out:


Pick Perfectly Pretty Packaging


In the art of gifting flowers, you have to think outside the box. You’re not limited to the usual bouquet. Add a little flair to your blooms by selecting pretty packaging that will tickle her fancy. Though flowers are appreciated no matter how they look, you will make a bigger impression when you take things up a notch. Try Ecuadorian roses in a velvet box as it exudes elegance. You can also choose a pretty crystal vase or a vibrantly coloured ceramic pot for repurposing. With the latter, your girl may even think of you each time she sees it.


Remember That Timing is Everything


Time the delivery with your Melbourne florist. Take note of your girl’s personality. If she is shy and bashful, don’t have it delivered to her office because she will be embarrassed with the attention. In contrast, if your girl is a social butterfly, then do send it during work hours. Have your flowers delivered straight to her work desk. It will add colour to her dull day. Best of all, each time she sees it, she’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness. Everyone will also know how special she is in your eyes. You’ll undoubtedly give her an ethereal glow with your sweet gesture.


Include Her Favourites to Show Care 


When you fancy a girl, do some research to find out her favourites. Ask her BFF or sister what she likes and hates. Pay close attention and include her favourites in your flower order. Incorporate those breeds and add her favourite colours as well. When she sees your gift, she will appreciate how much effort you made just to make her smile. With this, she will love your gift, and maybe even you, a bit more.


Incorporate a Complementary Treat 


Flowers are great. But if you want to level things up, you must remember that flowers go well with other complimentary treats. You can include her favourite Belgian chocolates and a bottle of champagne or wine. With this kind of ensemble, you also double her fun. Maybe she’ll ask you to stay over so you can eat the chocolates together and unwind with the wine. Cheers!


Write a Sincere Note 


Finally, if you are going to give flowers, never ever send one without a card. You want to write a sincere note, or you’ll make your girl think your secretary bought the flowers. Prioritize adding a unique message using your handwriting. It will show that you went out of your way to order this for yourself. But if you are ordering online, you can also ask your florist to include your message. Your florist will only be too happy to oblige. Ensure the note sounds like you so your girl can imagine you saying the words when she reads it.