Garden is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the home. It brings greenery and positivity at one place. People like to sit and relax in their garden. Many people also have a hobby of gardening. They grow flowers, fruits, vegetables etc in the garden. Some people also like indoor gardening. Starting seeds inside the house is also challenging. However, the growing from seeds requires the use of quality seeds and effective care.

After buying, follow the below-mentioned steps to sow the garden seeds Leicester:

Pick a Location

First of all, decide the place in your house where you need to sow the seeds for the growth of the plant. The best-suited location would be south-facing so that appropriate light from outside will help in growing seeds. Various planting shelves are also available in the market. They look beautiful and save a lot of places if you are thinking of planting indoors.

Effective Lighting

The seeds can be sowed in any of the rooms of your house, even if you don’t have a window in that room. Full-spectrum lights or grow lights are specially designed to grow seedlings indoors. It is always considered that the optimum amount of sunlight will help in the growth of the plant. But, if you don’t have such an option, you can always go for artificial lights.

Select A Planting Medium

Soil pellets are one of the most common planting mediums used to plant seeds indoors. They are efficient and easy to use. You should first place them in a try and after that, you should fill the pellets with warm water. The pellets will expand. Remove the excess water from the tray. Dig a small hole in each pellet and put three to four seeds inside each pellet.

Provide Appropriate Temperature

The tray should be covered with a clear cover. One can use the plastic cover for covering. To maintain warmer temperature, don’t open the tray till the seeds have been germinated. A thermometer can be used to monitor the temperature.

Avoid Over-Watering

Adequate amounts of watering should be done to keep the soil in the pellets moist. Over-watering will lead to excess moisture. The excessive water will decrease the temperature and will not let the appropriate growth of the seedlings. The right amount of water will be easily soaked and the correct temperature will help the growing of seeds.

Take Care of Seedling

When all the seeds have been grown and germinated, the plastic cover should be removed. The lights will be still required by the garden seeds Leicester. Adjust the lighting in the upward direction if you are using full-spectrum or grow lights. The seedlings will grow in the direction of the light. The lights should not be too close or too far from the seeds. Select the best and healthy seeds from each pellet.

Transfer the Seeds

When small leaves start to grow from the seeds, it’s time to transfer them to a larger pot along with soil and fertilizers. You can also bury them the soil of your garden where you want to grow the plant.