Every hour there is some story of discovery around the world, something related to politics, science, sports, education or a piece of new technology from around the world, and without journalists, it is impossible for those stories to reach the people. Over the years, the scope of journalism as a career has increased as communication channels have widened from the traditional medium of radio, television sets, and newspapers to social media and online news websites. With the growing numbers in the communication channels, the number of audiences has also increased at a huge rate. Presently in India, journalism has become a prestigious career choice for many students. A Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication is quickly gaining relevance. Candidates with interest in the field can sign up for the Patna University Admission 2020. The institute offers a Bachelor degree in Mass Communication and a Masters’s degree in Journalism & Mass Communication. Established in the year 1917, Patna University has the unique distinction of being the first university in Bihar. Candidates can register at the university website and apply online using the application forms floated in the site. 

Joining For The Course

Patna University offers both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the mass communication stream. Candidates need to hold a higher secondary (10+2) education certificate with a minimum of 50% marks. Selection will be solely based on merit during the Patna University Admission 2020.

Why Mass Communication?

A Mass Communication degree will allow me to examine and analyze many forms of mass media and equip the graduate to gain successful and competitive work in this continuously evolving field. The degree is an interdisciplinary course of study and opens up doors to a wide range of careers, from broadcasting and advertising to public relations, journalism, publishing among others. As a Mass Communication major, the graduate examines how media works and affects our society. He/she will analyze different forms of media, study the impact media has on our culture and learn about media history and laws. They will also have a chance to test the waters by creating media projects of their own in certain classes.

Mass Communication majors undertake an in-depth investigation of mass media, ranging from its institutions, history, and laws to the definite ways in which it transforms our culture and personality. This sequence is designed keeping in mind the further career of students who wish to pursue a much broader approach to the study of mass communication processes, the effects of it, the various research methods and analysis used and its institutions. The studies can serve as preparation for a higher degree such as a law degree, an MBA degree, or even a Ph.D. while it can also serve as a terminal degree for students who would like to work in various communications-related industries.

Mass communication is the study of communicating with the masses, it is also learning about storytelling with strategy and purpose. The study of mass communication is structured around how messages, in any format such as text, mail, post, etc., persuade and affect the behavior and opinion of the person or a group of people receiving the content. The Mass Communication sequence will help to develop research methods and analysis skills that can be applied to other fields also including law, academia, and the professional and business sector.

The Money Involved

Since the degree is not so mainstream as of now, the investments required to pursue a Bachelors’s or a Masters’s degree in Mass Communication are at a bare minimum compared to other courses. Patna University Fees stands at about ₹2 lakhs for the three-year full-time Bachelor in Mass Communication course. The institute offers decent placements for the students who can also opt for greater knowledge and skills with a higher degree. The institute is also considering providing scholarships for the economically backward classes making education available to all sections of the society in the process. Concessions will also be available to students based on their performance and merit in the Patna University Fees. Now is a very good time to opt for the degree as a career as further prospects for the graduates in the stream is now at an all-time high.

A career in Mass Communication

A degree in Mass Communication lays the groundwork for understanding the foundations of mass media and the major principles behind it. It can lead to a highly successful mass media career and beyond. Graduates will be able to apply basic concepts learned in the major to any communication path they follow. While pursuing a career in a traditional media field such as advertising, public relations, or journalism, the understanding of media learned in the sequence will come in handy for a wide range of work. Graduates of the degree have taken off in their careers as free-lance videographers, designers, writers, editors, information specialists, research analysts and incorporate and institutional media (producing audio-visual multimedia materials for important corporate activities such as training and instruction, internal and external communications, public relations and sales).