If you intend to open a waste disposal business, then you will have to start rolling up your sleeves because the permits and the bureaucratic procedure to follow are made up of long and complex steps, which will surely take you a lot of time and unfortunately also money.

Yet, despite everything, investing in this sector will give you the opportunity to access a job that usually does not disappoint from an economic point of view.

The waste issue is an almost entirely Indian problem, a sector that must be regularized and normalized in the best possible way as it is in the public interest. Above all, let’s not forget the pressing that the Asian Union exerts on India on this “hot” issue. A company that has been actively engaged in the sector for years, we will specifically analyze each step to be completed in order to successfully start this business.

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Applying for permits to open a waste disposal company

As mentioned, the request for permits to start a business in the field of waste disposal is certainly very demanding, as it is one of the most difficult companies in which you can try to invest, given that you must have a really large budget.

Authorization requests will concern both the places that must be adequate, but also, for example, the need to start with a series of suitable equipment and premises from all points of view.

The first step to open a waste disposal business

The fundamental step to follow is to find a suitable space in which to install your company and obviously, you will have to deal with a very large structure, at least a shed that is located in an area far from the inhabited centers and in any case, very distant from the city and urban areas.

The shed must be organized in such a way as to place inside it the collection center and also the waste sorting center.

For this reason, a whole series of very important features must be had. The first characteristic to be respected is that there are many windows, as ventilation must be guaranteed; moreover, the work area must necessarily offer the possibility of meeting all the needs of this type of activity.

The choice of the corporate form

The decision to be taken regarding the legal form of the company in which to invest is fundamental. A company must be created which, based on the needs and costs that can be invested.

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In fact, it will be necessary to foresee the notary costs and afterwards, you can simply register the company with the Municipality of belonging. It is also mandatory, by law, to create a VAT number , recording everything, to guarantee invoicing.

Special permits

There are a series of special permits that you must necessarily have if you want to open a waste disposal business and among these permits is the registration in the register of environmental managers (i.e. the former national register of waste managers), which gives the possibility on a provincial and regional basis to have everything in order to start with this type of activity.

The organization of the activity and the management of the shed

As far as permits are concerned, it will not be easy to complete them, just as it will also be important to proceed with the preparation of the shed , better if hand in hand, so as not to waste time in starting your business.

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Choosing a suitable place to install your business will be a fundamental problem to solve. In fact, a shed used for waste disposal must have highly resistant industrial flooring and, moreover, must have a functioning ventilation duct that guarantees compliance with the regulations regarding the protection of workers and the protection of the surrounding environment. In addition to all the necessary equipment, it will also be essential to create a front office area in which to set up administrative offices and then, there should be an adequate number of workers to meet the needs of the company.

Staff selection and management costs

In addition to the management cost that concerns the premises and the purchase of equipment, it will also be decisive to try to manage the work through the recruitment of suitable and competent personnel and this, of course, entails costs not only for contributions. It is a necessary process to give the company the opportunity to start correctly.

The purchase of means of transport

Once the assumptions have been made and the whole bureaucratic procedure has been completed, all that remains is to make yet another investment and therefore, to purchase a whole series of means of transport and operations such as forklifts, forklifts, trucks, vans and service cars. It is therefore important to take these costs into consideration before deciding to open such a business.

The request for funding

The initial investment for this type of activity is far from low and this is why you might decide to go back to some external support or to request public (or private) financing that can guarantee you the purchase of the material to start this activity.

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An alternative could also be to launch into a specific sector, such as the disposal of glass , aluminum , cardboard , plastic or paper . These are specific and niche sectors that would guarantee you a preferential way of accessing Asian funding. Obviously, opening a business in this specific sector could involve additional costs, as well as additional authorizations and permits that would further increase the initial cost.

Marketing and business launch

In addition to immediately thinking of launching a marketing campaign and starting the diffusion of your brand through the media (local newspapers and TV), it will also be important, once you open your business in the field of waste disposal , to try to create a brand that can be spent, using a series of classic channels and those related to the network. A professional and well-indexed website on search engines would guarantee you an excellent image return, as well as an expansion of the market.

The promotion of this activity must also be done through representatives, who could refer to companies that need industrial Waste management authorization, so that they can also search for customers in the “face to face” relationship.