Mostly we have several Bluetooth peripherals which we use together with iPads and iPhones, and as a result, we may discover ourselves switching between several devices continuously. For instance, you may have the Airpods Pros or Airpods for listening to tracks, podcast or make the calls. However, you may also have the infotainment system in the car that acts similarly, and you always switch to it when driving. Prior, the users needed to navigate to the Bluetooth option inside the Settings app each time they need to switch to the other Bluetooth peripheral that is not completely quick.

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However, it has been modified after the new update to the iPadOS and iOS as you may now switch between the several Bluetooth devices without leaving the home screen or application that you are using. Such functions have made possible using the Control Center that has received few incremental updates with a new iteration of Apple. The company has always updated the latest features in the Control Center along with the current version of iOS since it has introduced in 2013 comprising the main redesign a few years before.

How to Change Bluetooth Devices on iPad and iPhone From the Control Center

If you want to modify Bluetooth devices on iPad and iPhone from the Control Center, then abide by the given steps:

  1. Firstly as such functions are limited to the device running iOS 13 or iPadOS 13, you must ensure that the iPad and iPhone have updated to the new version. Here we are assuming that you may have paired to several Bluetooth peripherals to that system before.
  2. If you are using iPhone X, iPad or latest device, you may access Control Center by scrolling down from the upper right of the display if you are using iPhone with a large chin or forehead like iPhone 8 or old version. Simply swipe from the bottom of the display to access it.
  3. As you are in Control Center, click on Bluetooth option for long situated at the upper left that has other options for Wi-Fi, Cellular and Airplane mode. You will see the haptic feedback from the screen as you perform it. This is the Haptic Touch function of Apple that has been replaced by the 3D Touch over the entire devices along with iOS 13 software updates.
  4. You will then display the prompt that displays the entire list of Bluetooth devices that you may have paired earlier. Click on the name of the device that you need to switch.
  5. Then it may take few secs to connect normally, but when it’s completed, then the system that you have switched to is going to display as connected. If you click on the Bluetooth Settings option in the menu, then the device will move you to the Bluetooth menu in the Settings app.
  6. This instruction is not important for switching between several Bluetooth devices; however, if you need to set up several Bluetooth peripherals, including CarPlay infotainment systems, AirPods then you have to go to this menu.

This is what you have to perform to switch between several Bluetooth devices on the iPad or iPhone from Control Center.

You can do that when you are in between playing games by exchanging from the Xbox controller to the PS4 controller on the iPad and iPhone. Or to use a mouse with an iPad when browsing the web in Safari or to perform a task on Page document or listening tracks using the Bluetooth speaker or any other thing, the chances are restricted by the Bluetooth accessories. Like the recent ability, you may utilize Control Center to exchange between Wi-Fi quickly.

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