Muktinath is a famous pilgrimage destination for Hindus and Buddhists from across the world. To the Hindus, Muktinath is the gold of salvation, Mokshya. Muktinath is found on a high mountain range in Nepal’s Mustang district at the foot of the Thorang La Himalayan Pass. Here, there is a pagoda-shaped temple for Lord Vishnu. This temple includes statues for Lord Vishnu himself and others including Goddess Laxmi, Lava-Kush, Janaki, Saraswati, Garuda, and Sapta Rishis.

Behind the temple are 108 waterspouts with a cow head shape pouring holy water. Pilgrimages take a bath using the ice-cold water. A few meters south of the main shrine is Jwaladevi temple for the goddess of flame. This is the eternal flame that burns inside the temple continuously since way back. The area is filled with black amniotes fossils embodying Lord Vishnu and pilgrimages travel distances over rugged trails to come to collect them.

Taking Muktinath and Damodar Yatra Helicopter Tour

Taking a helicopter tour is the easiest and shortest way to tour Muktinath temple and Damodar. There is a strong belief that visiting this temple allows getting salvation, Moksha. Damodar is another holy site in a restricted zone north of Muktinath temple. The Barah Puran states that Lord Krishna gives anyone who visits this place and takes a dip is freed from their sins. In fact, two sons of Kuber with wrongdoings bathed in the holy lake and were released from their sins.

The tour of Muktinath and Damodar Yatra by helicopter begins at Kathmandu Airport. Boarding a helicopter takes you high above mystical hills and valleys brushing the clouds. Look forward to enjoying majestic views of the Himalayan range on your way to the north section. The chopper lands at Ranipauwa to take a one hour walk to Muktinath temple.

Activities at Muktinath temple

On arrival, you take a holy bath in Muktidhara with water from 108 springs. Additionally, you also take a holy bath in Mukti Kunda facing the main temple before going ahead to worship Muktinath.  Afterward, you head to the helipad for a flight to Damodar. On arrival here, you also take a holy dip before flying back to Kathmandu.

Budget for Muktinath and Damodar Kund helicopter tour

Hiring a 5-seater helicopter is the best way to enjoy this tour. This requires contacting a reputable company with experience in organizing this tour for couples, individuals, families, and groups of friends. Sharing the cost of the helicopter divides up the total cost among the other 3 people. This charge includes all government taxes and company service charges.

Ensure to find a company offering competitive and reasonable prices for the trip. And, the trip should include pick up from Kathmandu airport and back. Keep in mind that the package depends on the number of people in your party and activities. The best time to take this helicopter tour is from May to November.

Why opt for a helicopter tour

Save energy and time

You can take the Muktinath Damodar Kund but a helicopter trip is more time and energy saving. Trekking requires using a sizeable amount of energy and it takes more time. Taking a helicopter flight is a few hours trip for a thrilling adventure while enjoying endless scenic views. Look forward to seeing various beautiful landscapes from the sky while sitting comfortably.

Safer option

A helicopter ride is a safer way to tour Muktinath Damodar Kund. Trekking is prone to accidents and injuries that might happen along the way. Additionally, you have to use a lot of energy that might cause exhaustion and dehydration. These might escalate health-related problems to disrupt your journey. A helicopter flight saves you energy and time to limit the chances of getting health problems along the way. In case something happens while at the site, there is a handy rescue team to pick you in a helicopter to the nearest medical facility.

For everyone

The Muktinath Damodar Kund trek is not for everyone. Physical fitness and appropriate energy are necessary to successfully maneuver this trek. However, people with some form of sickness especially aged folks can do the trip. Taking a helicopter flight is a safer and easier way for anyone to enjoy a visit to Muktinath Damodar Kunda. Anyone can fly in a helicopter regardless of age and health condition.

Bottom line

A visit to Muktinath and Damodar Yatra is a great idea for anyone looking forward to enjoying the beauty of Nepal. These destinations are up in the mountains and taking a helicopter flight is an easier and convenient option. Other people trek the journey but it requires having enough energy and not recommended for those with ailments or advanced age. A Muktinath and Damodar Yatra helicopter tour is recommended for the best hassle-free experience.