Norton antivirus error 554 is commonly known as Norton email error. Whenever this error appears you have to close the running program. But you merely get this error. Norton Activate allows users to use all the tools and services of Norton antivirus without any issues. But Norton’s email errors get encountered then you should fix it immediately. 

You can use the Norton fix tool for troubleshooting the error. It is a free tool provided by Norton to restore all the corruptions on your Norton files. If you are suspecting that your Norton program file gets corrupted then using the Norton fix tool can be helpful. Open your web browser and search for the Norton Fix tool. Now go to the Norton website and download the Norton Fix tool. Now run the setup and install the fix tool. Open the tool and follow the on-screen wizards for fixing the Norton email error. If your Norton fix tool is unable to fix the error that means your Norton files are good and you are dealing with device errors. 

Uninstall the conflicting program

If you get Norton’s email error only with one program that means the program is creating conflict with your Norton antivirus. This error mostly occurs when you have installed another security software program or any third-party program on your device. Multiple antivirus programs always create conflict when they detect any virus or while performing any task. So, if you have another security software other than Norton’s plan then uninstall it immediately. Follow the steps given below for uninstall a program on your Windows device:

  1. Open PC and navigate to Control panel
  2. Go to Programs and Features and click on Uninstall a Program option
  3. A list of all the installed programs appears on the screen
  4. Check the list and click on the program you want to uninstall
  5. Choose Uninstall option

Follow the on-screen commands to uninstall the program

Now restart your computer and try running Norton antivirus. If the error was occurring due to conflict then this method will fix the error. But if you are getting errors with a program that was working fine earlier then you should check for the update. Outdated programs can get you into issues. So check for the program updates. If you see any new update of the program then install it immediately. 

Reinstall the runtime libraries

Norton’s email error can occur due to a new update such as the MS Visual C++ package. If these types of packages don’t get installed properly then you may face various issues. Reinstalling those files can help troubleshoot the error. Uninstall all the packages from the Program and Features folder. You will get the highlighted package of Microsoft Visual. Press the Uninstall button and then reboot your PC. Now download the latest Microsoft packages of Microsoft Visuals and check whether your Norton email error gets fixed or not.

Reinstall Norton antivirus

If you are done with all the possible solutions for fixing the program files then reinstalling Norton antivirus can be the last but good choice for troubleshooting the error. Uninstall your Norton setup and remove all the related files. Now go to your Norton account and install a fresh Norton setup on your device. Now check whether your Norton antivirus works or not. If your error is still not resolved then you should ask the Norton support for the help.