To swaddle your baby you will get the best results from a square cotton sheet, a muslin wrap or a specially made swaddling wrap such as the miracle Baby Change Baskets or even a cloth nappy or diaper.

  • Spread the sheet out flat with one corner folded over.
  • Lay your baby face-up on the sheet with the fold under his neck.
  • Wrap the right corner over his body and tuck it underneath him.
  • Fold the lower corner behind his knees.
  • Wrap the left corner around his body and tuck it under him, leaving only his bare head and neck.

While most parents will swaddle their babies with their hands tucked inside the wrap, keep in mind that some babies like to have an arm free especially if they like to suck or gnaw on their hand or fingers. Try both positions to see what your baby likes best. When you swaddle your baby the idea is to help him feel secure, not keep him warm. It’s best to use a lightweight cotton baby swaddle wrap so you don’t risk overheating your baby. Always make sure that your baby’s face is not covered by any part of the swaddle wrap as this could make him overheat or worse, suffocate.

And remember if you wrap the swaddling blanket too tight you could cut off your baby’s circulation, you want him to feel comfortable and secure not squashed! Also, wrapping your baby too tightly could cause problems with his mobility development.

Many babies love being swaddled and often being wrapped in their swaddling blanket will trigger them to go to sleep. It’s believed that the secure feeling reminds babies of being snuggled in the womb where they felt safe and secure. Your baby will tell you when it’s time to stop swaddling. Some people only swaddle their baby for the first month while others continue until 4 months or longer. Your baby will usually let you know when it’s time to stop swaddling as he will try to kick off the wrap.

Effective Comforting Technique for Newborns

When you find your baby crying loudly, you may want to consider swaddling. The first three months following the birth of a newborn is filled with so many changes. No longer enclosed in a warm, soft environment a baby may have trouble adjusting. Swaddling is one method that has proved to help. The practice of swaddling goes back for centuries. Mothers worldwide have found the practice comforting for their newborn babies.

Swaddling a newborn gives comfort in a way many people do not understand. Newborns startle easily. These sudden movements often wake the sleeping baby causing them to cry. If you swaddle a newborn in a soft blanket you restrict their movement allowing them to sleep. Make sure the blanket used is not too hot as this could cause overheating. You want a relaxed feeling for your kid.

The free movement newborn experiences outside the womb can be disturbing. By swaddling your baby you emulate the restriction of the womb. This can comfort a newborn that is having trouble adjusting to this freedom. The tight environment swaddling provides comforts them in a way holding them cannot. Once the baby is swaddled, holding and rocking can be utilized for comfort as well.

Swaddling is very easy to do. Any small, square blanket will work, especially receiving blankets. To begin, fold one corner of the blanket down. Then place the baby in the middle of the blanket with the fold line at the back of the neck. Pull the left corner of the blanket across the body the baby-making sure the right arm is straight and secure under the blanket.

Lift the left arm of the baby and secure the blanket under his or her body. Then pull the blanket up from the bottom and secure it underneath their chin if necessary. Then take the right side and fold it across the baby’s body, securing the left arm in the process. Tuck the blanket under the baby’s body once more. Carefully pick the baby up, making sure the blanket stays securely folded underneath.

Swaddling is a concept that many new mothers notice. For those babies Pop who have difficulty learning to live in their new world, it is an age-old strategy that works wonders. It provides a sense of security and restriction from a movement that causes distress especially in the first few weeks of life.

Baby Blankets as the Perfect Gift

Baby blankets can be a great practical and appealing gift to give any expectant parent. Many people will think this is an accessory, but in fact, blankets are very much part of the basics! Babies have a need for blankets throughout the day, every day; this means that there is always a need for a blanket. It does not even matter which season you are in.

There are also more serious benefits to swaddling as well. Keeping a baby less mobile while they sleep can help reduce the risk of them getting entangled in any bedding. This is a danger that has the potential to cause solemn harm to a baby. There is an array of styles and colors of blankets for you to decide from which include: hand-knitted, crocheted, and plush blankets. Baby blankets are a gender-neutral gift that works well for both boys and girls. This means that all you have to do is choose the appropriate color that will make it gender appropriate.