The ideal office design creates space facilitating productivity and purpose at work. However, this should no compromise customization, creativity, and personalization. Office design sets the stage for people to bring their props. A positive workplace depends on various interior design factors including natural human instinct. Working with social and biological inclinations of your staff offers them something they naturally respond to. This is through elements including:


The choice of color in your office significantly influences mood while attracting various reactions from the body. Keep in mind that soft muted colors affect differently than hard energetic options. To enhance focus and efficiency in your office requires natural colors including blue and green. For innovative thinking and intensity, opt for warmer colors. The choice of colors in your office requires considering the purpose. It is very important to choose the right color in line with your company brand.


Creating optimal office design largely depends on the lighting. This affects various aspects of work-life including mental health, productivity, and safety. Installing the right lighting fixtures will make a significant difference in your space. Encouraging natural light in your office boosts employee mood and vitamin D. fixtures that encourage warm light offers a calming and inviting appeal in your office. Additionally, cooler light significantly lessens fatigue while encouraging collaboration. Amplify the effect of light in your office by using fixtures including curtains, mirrors, and light walls.


Introducing plants in your office interior is an ideal way to enhance your workplace. Plants introduce clean air while reducing noise levels and stress. Work with the best Dubai interior design company to make your office environment greener. Professionals will incorporate low maintenance plants to incorporate green in your office. The statistics regarding the benefits of introducing plants in your office include:

  • Reducing tension or anxiety by 37 percent

  • Eliminating depression by 58 percent

  • Avoiding anger or hostility by 44 percent

  • Lessing fatigue among staff by 38 percent


The ideal seating in your office should support the movement. To match your company culture, there are various seating options. Open seating or private seating space allows sitting in one place to focus. However, moving around the office is very important. This allows breathing in some fresh air to encourage a healthy workplace.

A professional interior designer will help you design your office to boost behavior without being imposing. This allows getting a workplace where employees don’t bump into each other while going about their chores. A great idea is to keep the water nearby while the bathrooms are a bit far. You also need ergonomic chairs to lessen the chances of back and neck pain.


The presence of art in an office enhances productivity and creativity. You should also display art in your office to enhance aesthetics and be a pride point for those working near it. However, the choice of art matters. A good idea is to ask your employees about their favorite type of art. You can introduce pieces from various artists to appeal to a number of employees with varied tastes. The trick is to find pieces that are likable without being generic.


The choice of material for furniture in your office matters significantly. The factors to consider when selecting furniture include visual impact, how it holds up, feel to touch, and sounds on interaction. Glass is ideal for coffee tables for providing functional space that allows entry of light. Metal is a great choice for regularly used furniture for extreme durability in sterile spaces.

Wood offers visual warmth and stability to make a classic choice. This feels more natural without compromising durability and comfort. The choice of fabric also matters putting in mind people sensitive to particular upholstery. Choose a mixture of materials to ensure everyone selects the best choice for them and the fabric should hide stains to support regular use.


Finally, you should also use some physical space to portray the effect of employee contribution to stakeholders and their contribution. This is a great idea to keep staff engaged. Every employee desires to do something enjoyable or to contribute to society. Showing workers how their effort contributes to meeting company goals significantly boots productivity and keeps employees motivated.

Some of the ways to do this might include displaying appreciating notes from customers on the notice board. Additionally, you can show feedback, reviews, and testimonials from customers. You can as well display reminders of the company mission to stick in the minds of employees. Show products after a project or appropriate key performance indicators on the noticeboard. Showing employees that they make an impact on the success of the company is motivating and greatly appreciated.

Bottom line

Human natural instincts play a significant role in the workplace. This can make or break the success of your brand. You have to incorporate various elements that highlight natural instincts like the choice of lighting, seating, and materials in your office. A professional interior design company should be on hand to guide you throughout the whole process.