Features Of Dedicated Server Hosting

Different web hosting services offer various hosting solutions with different plans and strategies. It is quite a difficult task to look out the key features to identify the best and most essential web hosting provider for your online business and website. Here in this article, we provide a list of highlighted features sequentially to make your task and simple and easy. Hopefully, it will give a clear vision of what you are looking for.


  • Choice in Operating System: Dedicated Server Hosting offers you to make a selection among the operating system as the fact that your business demands to be a specific type of operating system, whether windows server OS or Linux. Make sure before you opt for any hosting that the particular service provider enables you to run the OS what you need for your business.


  • Best Server Configuration: Another essential factor is the ability to have control over your server so you will easily manage and configure it to meet your website’s specific requirements, i.e., you may have full root access.


  • Hardware choices:  As Dedicated Servers may be high-priced, always look for a cheap hosting provider that offers masses of hardware alternatives. This manner, you get a hardware setup that has the potential and performance skills you require, without having to pay for something that is far extra effective than you want.


  • Manipulate Panel alternatives: Awesome manipulate panels make it a lot simpler to control your server and the applications which you run on it. Even as vanilla managed groups can be sufficient for a few agencies’ needs, many benefits from using cPanel & WHM or Plesk. Easy to navigate and with a wide variety of tremendously powerful, integrated control tools, cPanel and Plesk are industry-leading manipulate panels utilized by tens of millions of organizations throughout the globe.


  • Additional Layer of Security: If your Server is hacked, your IT operations may be taken offline, and your agency positioned at a standstill. If there is an information breach, there’s also the danger of huge fines, reputational damage, and patron legal movement. This is why 60% of hacked companies exit of business within six months. With this in thoughts, security ought to be a sure thing when deciding on a dedicated web hosting provider. 


  • Server control: Outsourcing server control in your carrier provider no longer only makes things less stressful; it may also prevent substantially in the end. This provider will include such things as OS updates, patching, application set up, and server monitoring. Server tracking continuously examines the health of your server and its performance to make sure it stays in pinnacle circumstances.


  • High availability: If your Server runs vital packages, you cannot have the funds for it to go offline. The consequences might be disastrous. That is why you must choose a bunch that could guarantee high availability – i.E., that your server will stay on the line for 99.95% of the time or better. If this isn’t always desirable enough for you, here at Wisesolution, we can offer a 100% uptime, assured by using SLA. That is due to the fact our N+1 data center model approach we’ve got a redundant backup of the entirety ready to take over if a failure takes place.


  • Outstanding Technical Support: There may be times when your IT team desires your provider issuer’s technical help to perform an undertaking or to troubleshoot the task. This guide must be an inclusive part of your contract with the company and, very importantly, be available 24/7 via smartphone, electronic mail, live chat, or ticket. In any case, in case your dedicated server is going offline on Friday night time, you don’t need to wait till Monday before it gets fixed. Technical support differs entirely from customer support. 


 By using professionals, we suggest having an expert IT crew available, which can provide answers on the point of touch. They’ll have the vital knowledge and be actively capable of addressing any trouble. Other than an individual to man or woman assistance, an excellent website hosting issuer may also publish quite several useful online assets for their clients, together with know-how bases, tutorials, technical forums, and ‘how-to’ blog posts.



Dedicated Servers offer agencies a high-overall performance, huge storage answer for website hosting their packages. However, to get exceptional from your dedicated server, you want to don’t forget several alternatives, which include your choice of running device, hardware and manage panel, your freedom to configure the server as required, the safety, server control, and technical assist installed vicinity by way of a provider and the guaranteed uptime provided.


In case you are considering shifting to a dedicated hosting solution, test out our range of dedicated servers.