Many small businesses find the VPS hosting most suitable to their growing business. These businesses require more features than what they get in shared hosting but are not yet ready for the dedicated year. Best VPS Hosting in India offers its customers more power, speed and stability, allowing them to run their websites and applications in a secured and safe environment with their dedicated share of resources.


What is a VPS server?

VPS is a cluster of virtual servers and a partitioned unit of a larger and more powerful dedicated server. Each group shares the server as in shared hosting. Still, here in VPS, each customer gets their dedicated share of resources in an isolated and private environment like in a dedicated server. Cheap VPS Hosting is a hosting solution that lies somewhere in between the shared hosting and the dedicated hosting matching the features of the latter and eliminating the shortfalls of a shared server.


Businesses Should Consider Moving to Cheap VPS Hosting When They

  • Experience the traffic of visitors increasing steadily and require more space than what they get in shared hosting
  • They have their technical team to manage their applications but need semi level support for other reasons
  • Need higher security features with monitoring and backups which is not allowed in shared hosting
  • Have the capability to create and manage several accounts like in reseller hosting.
  • Find the shared platform a little restrictive in resources for smooth growth.

VPS Hosting is available in the two options of Linux servers and Windows server. Linux VPS is reliable and more affordable. It supports language scripts like PHP, Perl, Python and runs on an MYSQL database. VPS Hosting Plans run on the Microsoft owned Windows operating system. Clients can opt for any version of the Windows operating system. The customers get complete administrative control and have the liberty to install any software applications suitable to their business.


The VPS Hosting Has Many Beneficial Features Like

  • Scalable: Resources can be increased as and when required. Start on a low amount and increase as you grow.
  • Customizable: Clients have the power to customize their software applications.
  • Control: Clients get total control and can install scripts suitable to their business
  • Minimum downtime: Business continues smoothly even when the server fails as the website then draws its resources from other active servers.
  • Reliability: Each client is independent and is not hampered by the acts of others.


Customer support: 

VPS hosting providers offer 24/7 customer support over phone, chat and mail to manage and resolve any unforeseen server problems. Many provide a money-back guarantee or free trial for a month or so making it more lucrative for the businesses.

Nitin Gupta is a Marketing Executive & IT writer at Wisesolution. He is having 5 years of experience in the web hosting industry and explored much over the VPS Hosting & adjacent services. He is extremely passionate about writing technical articles and playing badminton in his spare time.