Waiting for the right time to propose the one you love? Your wait is finally going to get over because Valentine’s day is almost here. 

Valentine is a day celebrated by people in love, and it is a day dedicated especially to such people. The day falls on 14th Feb every year, and couples make the most of it by celebrating it each year, without fail. And why not, since there is only one day in the year that gives you a chance to celebrate love. So, each person who is in love wants to utilize all 24 hours of this day. Some are seen buying gifts for valentines day, and others are seen planning date night with their Valentine. 

But this day is not only special for couples but for any individual who is in love. Keeping the statements mentioned above in mind, Don’t you think that Valentine is just the right chance to propose your love? If you love someone, this day is a sort of official chance to express your love without any hesitation. So, here are some proposal ideas that will help you express your love to the one you are deeply and madly in love with. 

Hiding the Ring Somewhere Unexpected

Though this is a former way of proposing, but this way is still effective. Generally, if you are not a romantic type of personality, your sweetheart might get a little suspicious when you suddenly will ask them out for a fancy dinner or a movie date, especially on Valentine’s day. So, it’s better that you hide the ring someplace common in your home only to avoid the slightest of the clue. Now that place can be your silverware drawer or her makeup box, or just tie it on the neck of the beer bottle placed just at the front. Oh, and don’t forget to add a note that says, “will you marry me?” If none of this works for you, then just buy a Valentine cake and hide the ring in it. This idea will never fail. Just try to be around when they discover the ring so that you are available to pop the main question. 

A romantic walk

Romantic walks are ideal for romantic proposals. Find some time to shortlist the most romantic spot near you, and then take your Valentine there in a casual way, keep the communication going and talk about random stuff. Or you can drop a hint and talk about why you appreciate them and why you share a special relationship. When you’ve arrived at the right location, take a moment to settle at the moment, and then start by saying something like, “I wanted to bring you to a spot to ask you to spend the rest of your life with me. Will you marry me?”

An open confession of love

Many couples like to visit the theater on Valentine’s Day. If you’re secretly sure your honey is probably going to say yes, call the theater in advance and try to book an on-stage proposal. Look for a musical performance or a play that has a love or a marriage theme. The stage manager can assist you in planning the whole scene. Oh, Don’t forget to purchase tickets well in advance as Valentine’s Day is a popular event and they might run short of tickets. If you do this, make sure that you arrive plenty early. Proposing in front of the crowd takes a lot of courage, and this shows how much you love someone. 

This is the list of valentine proposal ideas to propose the love of your life.