IELTS writing task 1 for vocabulary is the issue in which you are given data as a table, pie structure, line or reference plot and generally an image of a cycle.

You ought to clarify 150 words for this piece of the test.

You essentially have an hour to make your responses for TWO demands in this piece of the IELTS test. Writing Task 2 is longer (250 word answer) and there are more fixations for it.

Thusly, consider writing task 1 as the “short answer”, which must be done rapidly.

Coming up next are unquestionably the most common errors that understudies make that surmises they get a low score for Task 1.

Avoid these mishandles!

  1. TIMING: Do not experience all available time!

You should finish IELTS Writing task 1 out of 20 minutes. Point of fact, only 20 minutes, which is an astoundingly short extent of time!

Loads of individuals taking the IELTS test practice utilize much over 20 minutes for task 1 and accordingly their response for Writing Task 2, which has more focuses accessible and requires in addition framing time, is poor.

Accordingly, part your 20 minutes into 4 extraordinary and explicit segments of 5 minutes each… additionally, stick to this standard!

  1. Take the necessary steps not to WRITE IN THE FIRST PERSON

IELTS Writing Task 1 needn’t play with/need/require your eagerly held conviction. You ought to just report or state subtleties of data that are appeared in the outline, graph similarly as tables WITHOUT adding your own remarks!

  1. Presentation: Do not work out the solicitation once more

Additionally with all other Cambridge tests, when you get spoken to a solicitation in a framing task, you should rehash the solicitation in your opening… In any case, this doesn’t derive that you should COPY the solicitation.

You should summarize the solicitation… constantly end, repeat the solicitation, yet utilizing various words that mean something generally equivalent to.

  1. An excess of INFORMATION: Do not report all that you see!

It isn’t fundamental to combine each and every snippet of data that you can find in your diagrams, layouts and tables.

A top IELTS understudy will have the decision to single out the best data that is introduced recorded as a printed rendition task 1.

When in doubt, in your made answer, merge around 5 or 6 numbers or pieces of data. Accordingly, that is around 3 snippets of data for the two pieces 3 and 4 alluded to as of now.

  1. TIME!!! Put forth an attempt not to accept control over 20 minutes

Really, I comprehend that we discussed this first, yet this is the number 1 oversight that understudies make in the IELTS shaping test!

You need heaps of time for Writing Task 2! Put forth an attempt not to squander that energy on task 1!!!

You should work on framing answers for Task 1 of as expected. This is unreasonably gigantic.

Put forth an attempt not to be one of the different understudies who state after they emerge from the test: “I required more an ideal open entryway for the sythesis”

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