A pet can impact your life to a great extent. Even though the time they spent with you, unfortunately, is temporary, they occupy a special place in your heart. One creative and well-acknowledged way of memorialising your pet is through a tattoo.

Pet tattoos are quite personal, so, instead of imitating someone else’s piece, make sure to customise as per your preferences. Someplace a quote or an image in a familiar location. Are you feeling confused? If yes, please derive inspiration from the below-mentioned styles.


If you love your pet but are not fond of inking an animal on your body, please try to incorporate the affection you feel for your pet differently. Find a symbol that reminds you of your pet’s personality. For example, if your dog loved jumping into the lakes, or if your cat’s favourite hobby was climbing trees, look out for images that connect with these memories directly.


According to the experts working for the best tattoo studio in Phuket, minimalistic designs are perfect for the people who cannot tolerate too much pain. These usually are of one or two inches long, take only ten to twenty minutes to ink, and look good on nearly all the body parts. Consider getting paw prints, a silhouette, initials of your pet’s name, or geometric shape of your pet.

Black and Grey

Black and Grey tattoos are visually appealing, and they do not fade easily. Dotwork, fine line, and portrait are three exclusive styles that you could rely on for customising the design. Size is not a factor. These can encompass the entire length of your arm, or fit into the back of your ear. Just remember, the more space you use, the more clearer your tattoo will appear. You will also get many choices in terms of subject.


There is a wide range of tattooing styles you may get in colour. Major ones among the lot include realism, watercolour, and portrait. They take up abundant space, starting from your forearm to your back. Just like black and grey, this also means the more space you utilise, the more clearer your tattoo will look. If you plan on replicating a picture of your pet, include them in a vivacious background.


A pet tattoo is believed to be immensely cute. However, if you want to take it one step ahead, add a new-school twist. New school could be defined as a tattooing style that involves several colour combinations and exaggerates a subject, almost like a caricature. Through it, you can make your pup’s tail excessively fluffy or your rabbit’s eyes huge. You may also opt for your favourite anime or Disney animal characters bearing a resemblance toyour pet.


Commemorative tattoos do not have to be sad in nature. It could be humorous. You can dress your pet from an ancient era, or with a leather jacket and sunglass, and ink it on your skin. Whenever you look at such a design, you will automatically begin to remember the happy times you spent with your pet and have a smile on your face. It can also initiate positive conversations.

To get any of the tattoo themes stared above, please schedule an appointment with an efficient and experienced artist who adheres to the internationally recognised hygiene standards.