The word bachelor’s etymology gives its meaning as a young, unmarried man. The bachelor parties predate to 5th century B.C., were meant to celebrate the groom-to-be’s last free night to enjoy. It is researched back to ancient Greece and the Spartans. Read further for Importance of Bachelor Party. The young Spartans were usually soldiers, and they also died young due to the rigors and dangers of their work, so it became necessary that they would look for every opportunity to par and this eagerness is the reason for the source of the bachelor parties now.

At these parties, there would be a toast to the would-be-groom or bride and then dinner, the groom would promise allegiance to the assembled bachelor friends.

The actual parties of the modern kind started after the 15th-century book was published -Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales.

So, the basic format has not changed, nowadays people invite singers and dancers to entertain the guests.

Importance of Bachelor Party

1. There are no decided traditions to follow about the time when they should be held and or a definite venue; but typically, three weeks before the marriage date should be the best time, as all scheduling and arranging are done usually within two weeks of the wedding day. Choose a date for the party that is Ok with the groom, groomsmen, and yourself. …

2. Ask the groom what he desires to have, assure that you have bright ideas about what activities the groom likes and about the best venue for him.

3. After you set the activities, make a list of invitations.

4. This will help you to set a budget.

5. Send the invitations after they are okayed by the groom and bachelor party team.

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