Education has become an essential and important part of human life in the current state of the employment industry. But just having an education is not enough for individuals to get selected into companies for employment. Many Multinational companies expect their candidates to have exceptional extracurricular skills along with a good score in their education too.


It is important that students are involved in extracurricular activities from their schooling time. Having these activities during schooling, students will be able to find their talents and if they are really good at it, they could be making a career out of it after completing the required basic level of education. Many students in higher secondary education are interested in activities such as sports, art, reading, etc. The final examinations for the students in or below class 12 are going on, and most of the students are eagerly waiting for the last day of the exam as their summer vacations will be starting on that day.


The only dark week that they will be dreading is the results week. The PSEB 12th results are to be declared shortly after the board exams. Most of the students breathe a sigh of relief once the results get declared. Extracurricular activities have a lot of benefits towards the cognitive development of students, as they divert the mind and give a break from the usual studies.


Education and extracurricular activities are associated with and complement each other. A student who is good in extracurricular activities such as sports or public speaking is most likely to get selected by the school/institution for a student exchange program. These programs are beneficial for the improvement of the student and help with understanding the various cultural and educational differences between countries and institutions.


Extracurricular activities also promote behavioral advantages in students such as Leadership, Communication, Team Work, Flexibility with Environment, etc. These are key skills that are helpful for a good resume and generally making a good impression on people. It is seen that students involved in extracurricular activities are also able to do well in their education as well.


In India, the education system has been designed in such a way that the students are easily able to take part in extracurricular activities without having any hindrance in their education. The various school boards have scheduled their activities in such a way that the final exam results get announced at the beginning of the summer and after that, the students will be able to enjoy their vacations without having any issues about re-evaluation or photocopies. The PSEB 12th results are subject to release shortly of the board exams and the students writing the PSEB 12th exam will be able to take part in their respective extracurricular activities. 


A research was conducted to study the benefits of extracurricular activities on student performance in academics and it was found that the common perception, that participating in activities will hinder the performance of a student, is completely wrong. Students who participated in extracurricular activities are found to show a higher performance in academics, a better attitude towards the institution/school, and a better academic aspiration. It was also found that these activities also help students in finding their talents and help them realize their true goals. 


Extracurricular activities are not just activities that are done during the vacations but they can also be done during the academic year too, activities such as playing chess, playing various sports improve the focus and time management skills of students which will also help them in performing better during their exams and in classes. Students who are involved in sports are being subjected to high levels of brain activity that helps them improve their focus and builds their concentration, this, in turn, helps them to get a better result in their exams. The students in the higher secondary classes writing their exams currently can expect a better result than the rest of their classmates in the upcoming results such as the PSEB 12th Results


Education is a necessity, but the extracurricular activities during the time of education are also a personality building factor. It is equally important. Extracurricular activities help students to grow into individuals who are socially active, confident, have good qualities such as leadership, responsibility, time management, etc.