If you are seeking for some creativity in your work, career, or in life, it is highly advisable to isolate yourself. Now or never – it is the best time to close Facebook application, turn off your phone, shut down your email program, stay away from your TV. Isolation is a great way if you truly want to discover your potential, your extraordinary capabilities, untouched areas of your productive life, and live a creative life. One of the famous activities to hack your mind says we must lock ourselves away for some time with inspiration to achieve something new and unique. 

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Isolation is the most important stage of the creative process.


If we see most innovative people in history like Mozart, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Picasso, or Jobs – the most common thing among them was a high level of creative thinking. Their creativity made them so unique, genius, and innovative. Their efforts to isolate themselves many times in a week brought so many ideas that turned into inventions, and today we are blessed to use those inventions. Even today’s living genius named Bill Gates has mentioned many times in his interview that many big ideas come from his loneliness for that reason he goes for isolation period 2-3 times in a year.


This is clear – Isolation gives birth to Innovation


Either we try to make it ourselves or along with a creative problem-solving instituteisolation is an unreplaceable portion of the creative thinking process.

In recent times everyone sings about creativity knows very well it is all about being more self-aware and come up with breakthroughs on our own, so it really makes sense to isolate ourselves from the world. If we dream to come up with worthwhile ideas isolation is the proven way even experts and researchers talk about. Once the study took place in the northern university of mindfulness which shows a group of people who practice isolation with intend to lock themselves away from society came up with tons of unique and valuable ideas plus solutions. On the other hand, the second group of subjects belongs who restrain themselves to go for any kind of isolations came with even more pathetic conditions than before. 


Let us see what Alfonso Montuori and Ronald E. Purser write about it:


“This modern view of creativity has venerated the artist or genius as a cultural hero because he or she is someone who has forged something new and original by struggling against and rising above the limiting forces of the conforming masses… To maintain such a stance, the creative person must disengage himself or herself from the environment. The resulting isolation is romanticized or even seen as being synonymous with genius.”


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