Whether you are new to a new home, or want to make improvements, home security is always a good idea. Thanks to advances in technology, improving the security of your home has never been easier. Our security experts share some simple and effective improvements you can make to home security at the weekend.

Smart home security.

Home automation is the new standard for home security systems. Equip your home with high-end security that integrates with voice assistants to provide you with hands-free and worry-free security. Standalone wireless smart security cameras are ideal for small homes or apartments and can be installed indoors or outdoors. For large properties, a 4K DVR security system compatible with Google Assistant combines the advantages of home automation with the best video resolution.

The installation of a security camera or a complete multi-camera system is not limited to the recording of sequences if someone commits an intrusion. Visible security cameras also have a deterrent effect. Explore the different types of security cameras to find the one that works best for your home. Installing security cameras at any point of entry and exit is a simple and important improvement to the security of your home.

Our smart wireless security cameras are an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice functionality at the expense of price. These cameras can be mounted indoors or outdoors in less than an hour, because you don’t have to worry about wiring.

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 Wi-Fi cameras.

Another easy to install and economical option is the indoor wi-fi security camera. Large properties may justify investing in an NVR or DVR security system. These security systems generally require more installation time, but are excellent improvements to home security in the home.

One of the most important aspects of the camera installation process is ensuring that each camera is correctly oriented and within range of your Wi-Fi connection so that you can receive updates in real time.

Smart Video Doorbells.

The best way to follow what’s happening right outside your door is to use a video doorbell. These devices work as a peephole, a doorbell, a security camera and a walkie-talkie. Not only can you see who is at your door, but you can often see when the packages are delivered. With day and night vision, you can know what’s going on at all times. Better yet, you can communicate with your visitors using two-way chat technology.

Access its security cameras from anywhere for better responsiveness.

A high quality security camera only depends on your ability to access and view your footage. Rather than getting stuck watching an uninteresting video stream, make yourself able to control what’s going on around you at all times. While it is important to save your video footage, being able to monitor your business from anywhere is the key to realizing the true value of your security camera system. Read on to learn more about the benefits of remote access for your business.

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If you don’t have staff on your 24/7 CCTV system, you need to know what you’re doing. Other security cameras can be used to adapt your video, but you can use it for free. When you purchase one of our systems, you own it and have access to your equipment and video for life.

Efficient and easy to use applications.

Our remote viewing applications are compatible with most computers, smart phones and tablets, including those running the iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. Our intuitive apps are user-friendly and easy to use, even for less experienced business owners who face complex monitoring needs.

Once your system is installed, we organize a brief training session to make sure you are ready to use your remote viewing application. If you need help after this training, we will obviously be happy to bring it to you. Although we are confident that you will have no trouble using your app, we are always available to answer your questions.

Applications that alert you to the slightest problem.

Even if your security personnel monitor your system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no one can monitor all of your cameras all the time, human error is always possible. This is why our system can be customized according to your location.

Your smart alerts can be sent by email or text. These intelligent alerts allow you to always keep an eye on your business, allowing you or your safety manager to react quickly.

Is 4K the Right Choice for Your Business?

Like all professional security camera systems, 4K security cameras represent a significant investment for business owners. We work with our customers to understand the needs and expectations they have for their security camera system to help you make an informed recommendation tailored to your needs. If you think about 4K security cameras, they might be for you in the following cases.

-You have a large budget. Although the cost of 4K security cameras has dropped significantly, it is important for business owners to remember that there may be a need to upgrade their storage capacity. We therefore recommend that you upgrade monitors or televisions to 4K resolution, which greatly increases the total cost of your security camera.

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-You need the highest resolution video surveillance and the cost will be justified by your use. We work with our customers to understand their needs and usage plans to help them select the right security cameras for their applications. If your security camera system needs to cover a full batch of new vehicles, the cost of upgrading to a 4K security camera system can probably be justified by your use, as you need to make sure that the expensive vehicles in your concession are not stolen or vandalized.

-You must monitor large areas with a single security camera. With their higher resolution, a single 4K security camera can be used to cover a large area. If you work for a sports venue or event venue, 4K security cameras may be the right choice to cover large open areas of the venue without sacrificing image quality.

-You have recently upgraded or are considering upgrading your monitor / TV or 4K resolution. 4K monitors and TVs represent a significant cost investment for businesses. If you’ve already upgraded your security camera monitors, installing 4K security cameras may be the next logical step for your business.

4K security cameras have arrived.

In search of better security for their workplace, their employees, their customers and their equipment; business owners are constantly looking for the latest options in security cameras. With a high resolution of 3840 × 2160, 4K security cameras provide an incredible amount of detail, while providing superior surveillance over a large area. Also known as 8MP, 4K security cameras can provide superior image quality and coverage at a surprisingly affordable price. However, these cameras have certain drawbacks. Let’s take a look at the disadvantages of 4K security cameras.

A huge and very detailed image.

If you need your security cameras to monitor a large area, 4K security cameras are a great option. Boasting over 8 million pixels, the higher resolution of 4K security cameras lets you digitally zoom in and see more detail than with lower resolution cameras before the image is pixilated. Get the most out of your 4K security cameras by upgrading your monitors to 4K as well, otherwise the image quality you see will not be better than that of your monitor.


The higher resolution of 4K security cameras means more storage will be required. While this is not a major problem for companies that do not need to keep their storage long term, it can become a problem if you need a month or more or if you have a large number of cameras . If you are upgrading to 4K security cameras, you may need an additional NVR to meet your storage capacity, or you may want to consider upgrading cloud storage options.

Sony 4k camera

Your 4K security cameras will require more bandwidth. If your 4K security cameras without an Internet connection support them, they may be unstable or only visible in sub-stream – a lower resolution view which makes upgrading 4K security cameras unnecessary. If storage or bandwidth are major issues, you can reduce the recording resolution, but this solution goes largely against the goal of upgrading to 4K security cameras.

4K security cameras still have limited functionality. There is not yet an optical zoom option (different from digital zoom) for these security cameras. For those who need the optical zoom, our 5MP cameras are equipped with a maximum of 4x and our PTZ cameras with an optical zoom up to 33x. This would allow the 5MP to better see a distant object using the optical zoom.

4K security cameras are still a bit more expensive than other security camera systems in Chicago. For many common applications, such as point of sale in stores, 4K security cameras can be excessive. Business owners can consider saving their budget and opting for 5MP cameras instead, which provides more than enough coverage and resolution for most applications.


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