Cereals are known as the healthiest and most popular breakfast items. They are available in different flavors and tastes to provide you a wide range of options to choose from. The increase in the demand for the product has led the packaging wholesalers to move towards more innovative box packaging. The cereals usually come in a square-shaped cardboard box. It can be customized in an array of sizes, shapes, colors, and prints depending upon your branding requirements. In addition to these traditional cereal boxes, there are several other types of packaging solutions to meet the market competition. They not only look adorable but are perfect enough to retain the quality and taste of cereals. Here are some of the most innovatively designed cereal boxes to grasp the customers’ attention:

• Multi-Colored Cereal Boxes with Logo:

A customized cereal box designed by using multi-colors and attractive patterns provides an eye-catchy display as compared to various other options. The manufacturers design them by using enticing images of cartoon characters to attract the kids. Some of them work on cereal boxes plank by using a single color and the brand’s logo. It’s the thing which appears most interesting to the retailers. A creative logo builds your brand image in the market. It plays a significant role in making customers recognize your cereal products. To make these custom printed boxes more striking, they are finished with matte or glossy lamination providing a refined surface.

• Custom Die-cut Cereal Boxes:

Transparency has been ruling the packaging industry for years. The die-cutting process transforms simple cereal box designs to attractive ones. The pattern is made by cutting a plastic lamination sheet in the desired shape and fixing it over the cardboard surface. In this way, you can make series custom cut-outs to view the customers what is present inside. Such type of window box packaging is perfect enough to highlight your brand in the marketplace.

• Mini Cereal Boxes:

Cereals are made for everyone and the same should be its packaging. The boxes of cereals are designed in different sizes like small, large and family size. To attract kids more, the companies have started making colorful mini cereal boxes. The packaging is perfect for gifting other kids on special occasions. The small cardboard box wholesale should have an attractive appearance. It should be designed by using different colors, cartoon characters and superheroes to make them more appealing for children. However mini cereal boxes are also preferred by the people who have to travel somewhere. This makes them carry their food easily in a two to three servings box.

• Stand-up Pouches:

If you want to try something different than traditional cereal box ideas, here is the perfect option to experiment with. Stand-up pouches were recently introduced by a cereal box design maker as a more durable solution than cardboard packaging. The packaging is easy to handle, space-saving, waterproof and puncture-resistant. You can empty the portion of the bag to show how much the remaining product is left inside. This makes it occupy less space on the shelf. These stand-up pouches are more popular than custom cartons because of their versatile display, less manufacturing cost, and increased sales.

• Pillow Pouch Cereal Boxes:

Innovative packaging design makes your brand stand out from the competition. Pillow pouch cereal boxes are one of the best options if you want family size packs. They are economic to purchase. The manufacturers design them with a user-friendly opening and closure to retain the quality of the product for long. The packaging looks highly stunning when placed in a cereal box display case on a retail shelf. It’s the main reason to increase the demand for the product. The brands can target a wide audience by using such high-end packaging. The cereal box maker can modify the shape of the box as per customers’ requirements.

• Recyclable Cereal Boxes:

One of the biggest issues in the food packaging sector is non-recyclability. The manufacturing processes produce a heap of waste which is difficult to dispose of. This recyclable cereal box packaging is a perfect solution to address the problem. It not only proves cost-effective for your business but also improves your brand image in the eyes of customers. The consumers of today have become more eco-conscious. They want to play their part to save the environment. These recycle cereal boxes are made from Kraft paper. It is green packaging material and helps in saving your manufacturing cost to a great level. Moreover, you can get print on boxes in your desired way. Such an eco-friendly packaging solution has become a preferred choice of businesses worldwide.