Instagram announced on Tuesday that its ‘Live Room’ feature will now allow to go live in India with three additional people, meaning that creators can increase their audience by going live with multiple guests. The social media platform said that the initial testing of the feature was done in India and now India is one of the first countries to implement it widely.

Instagram Live allows people to go live and connect with their audiences virtually. Probably, this year, there has been a great increase in the use of this feature. Ajit Mohan, Latest News, Vice President and Managing Director, Facebook India, said in a statement, “From the launch of Reels, to the testing and rollout of live rooms, India is playing an important role in designing products for the future. ”

Instagram Live’s stats are increasing rapidly

In March, Instagram live views in India grew 60 percent on a week-on-week basis. Now with the ability to go live with up to three guests, creators have more opportunities to interact with their community and expand their reach for live and expand matters, such as starting talk shows or podcasts, or jams Hosting sessions, etc.

Special care is also taken for safety

The company said that- “While the live room will facilitate the engagement of more and more viewers, special attention will also be given to security and Sports News the existing security measures will work on the live room as well. In-built controls have been provided to keep the community safe. ”

How will this feature work?

To use the live room, users need to go live, tap the plus sign located in the top left-hand corner of your story tray, or click the create plus sign at the top right of the home navigation bar. To add a guest to a live stream, creators have to tap on the camera / room icon.