You don’t go anywhere without your phone. It’s an extension of who you are. And the last thing you would want for is to drop your phone and have the edges chip or your screen break. iPhones are expensive, and it will be a huge shame if your phone ends up damaged.

As newer models of phones arrive each year, different kinds of cases begin making the rounds. Some are designed to act as wallets, while others are designed to protect your iPhone from water damage. It’s important to figure out which phone case will work best for your phone and won’t make it seem extremely bulky to carry around.

Along with the different types of cases, there are also different materials cases come in. From simple ones such as plastic or synthetic leather to silicone and fabric cases.  Some are better than others and will provide better protection in the event of a fall.

A fabric case for iPhone is made from high-quality Polypropylene and leather Polyurethane. These covers are soft, flexible and act as shock absorbents. Fabric cases add a distinctive panache to your iPhones, while protecting them greatly as well. Moreover, in a way, fabric cases are better than silicone case for iPhones since they don’t get sweaty and it reduces the chances of accidental slips.

Here are some of the main benefits of picking a fabric cover for iPhones:

Easy Grips and Functionality

Not only is a fabric case for iPhone aesthetically pleasing, the case is extremely lightweight. It is soft and easy to grip—although in a different way than rubber or leather cases. It remains stuck and well fitted in a place once it is in use and provides a firm grip.

Protection from impact and scratches

Unlike plastic or metal cases that are prone to easy scratches and dents (in case of metal cases), fabric phone cases beg to differ. If you want to be able to drop your iPhone on concrete with impunity (don’t do that, though), or have it survive a dip, a fabric case for iPhone is your best bet.

Easy to Clean

Fabric cases are a lot easier to clean than other materials. You can dunk them in the washing machine along with your other laundry or handwash them, and they’ll be as good as new. However, you might need to take adequate care while washing your case for fabric stains easily, and you might want to take your time with cleaning.

If you think fabric cases aren’t meant for you, you could always think of investing in a silicone case for iPhone. Silicone cases offer great protection for your phone due to the elastic and flexible material which is highly durable.

Unlike a fabric cover for iPhone, silicone covers are created to extend the life of ordinary cases and are made with plastic or similar liquids or gels. These designer cases are made to assure your phone’s safety along with preventing scratched and cracks. They are extremely light weight which makes them rather popular with smartphone owners.

A silicone case for iPhone is known for its flexibility and malleability. They fit your phone like a glove, making sure your iPhone looks equal parts smart and snug. Silicone cases are not bulky or heavy in any way, and they are designed to enhance the natural slender appearance of modern phones.

Silicone covers are also easy to put on and remove, making them extremely convenient. The tight fit and low profile makes silicone cases easy to slip into a pocket or small purse and carry around discreetly. This makes them popular for taking on holidays, out clubbing, while exercising and similar situations.

If compared to fabric cover for iPhone, silicone cases are more durable and are more resistant to tears or stains. They are antimicrobial and can be cleaned easily. All these factors make them reasonably long lasting. Most silicone cases are very flexible and hard-wearing.

Fabric cases on the other hand are fingerprint and scratch resistant – features that make a remarkable impact on the functioning of the phone in the long run. The phone covers are made up of many layers of premium leather on the backs and shock absorber polypropylene on the inside with a layer of silica gel for cushioning and a cloth layer to prevent against all odds.

And the best part about a fabric cover for iPhones? The premium fabric used in the covers has an element of authenticity and royal touch in them. The never-fading colors and stain-free feature will let the covers shine through always.

KSSShop offers a diverse choice of magnificent phone covers for newly-launched iPhones. Whether you want a fabric case for iPhone or a silicone one, you can always count on our phone cases to provide the best rough and tough, yet sleek and slim shield against all unavoidable circumstances.